Cheap Hotels Baguio Philippines

Cheap Hotels Baguio Philippines
Are there cheap Hotels in the Philippines?

Yes, I believe they are called Transient Rooms, or Transient Houses, and if you truly want the cheapest of the cheap, go for a Bedspacer.

Normal Tourism in the Philippines is one of the worst values for the money on the planet, overpriced rooms; I can travel in the USA for the same price as the Philippines. The tourist inside the country and the Expats community all gang up on the average Tourist and say,
“It is cheap.”

This is nuts, the normal tourism in the Philippines is one of the worst tourist values on the planet, you get nothing for the money, it is way overpriced.

I continually try to cut through the many layers of crap fed to me in the Philippines trying to find the solution. I think I have discovered the solution, at least for Baguio.

Transient Rooms…. Wow, this for sure sounds like a place where Bums or Hoboes would stay.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, July 24, 2009


A Transient Room Complex here in Baguio, Philippines.

I have yet to find a good definition of Transient Rooms, however a woman told me this yesterday. Bedspacer is when you share a room with other people, like a Dorm in a Hostel. Transients are people who stay less than one month, people who stay longer than one month are not transients, and they are living here.

An owner can rent out a boarding room for about 50 Pesos per day, and they can rent out a Transient Room for about 100-250 Peso per day.


50-70 percent of the tourists in Philippines are single men from the USA, Australia or other European countries here to find women.

The last thing a poor Philippine girl wants is to live the same as she already does, she want her new boyfriend to live in a nice hotel so she feels she is upgrading her social status.

I am going to stop there for now; I am making great progress on my search to find transient rooms. I visited a full-scale apartment, two bedrooms, stove, shower, etc that I could rent easily for 300 per day, it was called a Transient Room.

I talked to the owner of this Transient House, I think here name was Doris, she said I could rent a two bedroom apartment for 15,000 Pesos. I feel quite sure she raised the price from maybe 5000 to 15,000 because I am an American; a white guy is money on stick of the Philippine people.

I have found many rooms I can rent for about 2500 per month, the big problems is normally there are huge scams or cons involved, this is a great way to get cheated.

Interested in Cheap Room in the Philippines, get on or Craigs List and search for “Bedspacer Philippines,” or “Transient Rooms.”

Here is a good local group that has a list of links to help Expats in Baguio.

Expat Community page in Baguio, Philippines

I am hoping I can instigate the Transient Room to submit their rooms to . If the price of room in the Philippines were the same prices as Thailand, the same value, there would be 10 times more tourists in the Philippines.

Cheap Hotels Baguio Philippines