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Cheap Hotels Baguio Philippines

Cheap Hotels Baguio Philippines
Are there cheap Hotels in the Philippines?

Yes, I believe they are called Transient Rooms, or Transient Houses, and if you truly want the cheapest of the cheap, go for a Bedspacer.

Normal Tourism in the Philippines is one of the worst values for the money on the planet, overpriced rooms; I can travel in the USA for the same price as the Philippines. The tourist inside the country and the Expats community all gang up on the average Tourist and say,
“It is cheap.”

This is nuts, the normal tourism in the Philippines is one of the worst tourist values on the planet, you get nothing for the money, it is way overpriced.

I continually try to cut through the many layers of crap fed to me in the Philippines trying to find the solution. I think I have discovered the solution, at least for Baguio.

Transient Rooms…. Wow, this for sure sounds like a place where Bums or Hoboes would stay.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, July 24, 2009


A Transient Room Complex here in Baguio, Philippines.

I have yet to find a good definition of Transient Rooms, however a woman told me this yesterday. Bedspacer is when you share a room with other people, like a Dorm in a Hostel. Transients are people who stay less than one month, people who stay longer than one month are not transients, and they are living here.

An owner can rent out a boarding room for about 50 Pesos per day, and they can rent out a Transient Room for about 100-250 Peso per day.


50-70 percent of the tourists in Philippines are single men from the USA, Australia or other European countries here to find women.

The last thing a poor Philippine girl wants is to live the same as she already does, she want her new boyfriend to live in a nice hotel so she feels she is upgrading her social status.

I am going to stop there for now; I am making great progress on my search to find transient rooms. I visited a full-scale apartment, two bedrooms, stove, shower, etc that I could rent easily for 300 per day, it was called a Transient Room.

I talked to the owner of this Transient House, I think here name was Doris, she said I could rent a two bedroom apartment for 15,000 Pesos. I feel quite sure she raised the price from maybe 5000 to 15,000 because I am an American; a white guy is money on stick of the Philippine people.

I have found many rooms I can rent for about 2500 per month, the big problems is normally there are huge scams or cons involved, this is a great way to get cheated.

Interested in Cheap Room in the Philippines, get on or Craigs List and search for “Bedspacer Philippines,” or “Transient Rooms.”

Here is a good local group that has a list of links to help Expats in Baguio.

Expat Community page in Baguio, Philippines

I am hoping I can instigate the Transient Room to submit their rooms to . If the price of room in the Philippines were the same prices as Thailand, the same value, there would be 10 times more tourists in the Philippines.

Cheap Hotels Baguio Philippines


Now that I have pissed off all the Expats.
Now that I have pissed off all the people that love the Philippines.

Understand, I love the Philippines, I have come here 6 times or more, it is

But, I am an honest type guy, I would be lying if I told you this place was cheap, and the scams are rampant.


15,000 Pesos is about 30 US Dollars.
Money Converter

Bjorn them man I interviewed in Manila was paying 700 or about 14 last week when i seen him again. The longer you stay in a city or hotel the cheaper you pay. He knows he can move to a room for 300 per day, he wants that Hotel, Plus all the extra cost disappear when you do not move, taxis, buses, going into an expensive restaurant.

You are working, you do not have a choice, this is what the Philippines does not understand, Tourist have a choice and do not come here because Thailand is half the price of the Philippines.

The Philippines Hotels are often full because of what I think is immigration from the provinces to big cities like Manila. Manila does not have enough hotels and the price inflates. Truly there is about zero reason to stay in Manila.

I have the money, I can afford to stay in Manila.


A Traveler or long-term tourist has a budget, the expensive and the cheap hotels balance out, I can pay 25 dollars for a week in Manila, the live for free here for a week in Baguio, the average would be 12.50 per day.

I always try to pay 10 U.S. Dollars per day, if I am not paying that in a developing country I know I am getting raped by some stupid reasons of the country.

A person can get a Transient room here in Baguio for say 50 dollars per month, or 100.

I think 95 percent of Philippines people live in Transient or Bedspacer, this is the secret housing of the Philippines. In the Philippines workers move around constantly, this country is overpopulated and they are all moving to the cities.

This causes the prices of all regular Hotels to go up. I think in a way the owners of hotels are like Europe, they all stop new hotels from being built so their prices rise. The free competition system does not function.... HOWEVER it truly does, there is Transient Rooms in all cities in the Philippines.

The guidebooks are failures in the Philippines.

Andy Graham, in Baguio 2009


You do not have to pay for expensive rooms.
It is your choice.

A person needs to have high esteem, fight off all the crazy comments by travelers. I live 10 times better than other traveler around me.

I do not choose a holel because it will increase my social status, I stay in a Hotel because it gives me the bundle of services and benefits I need.

Get Internet in the room, and I am in! I have a job, I am a Hobo.


I text mesaage a Transient Rom in English, the person wanted 60,000 pesos per month or 2000 per day.

I had a Philippines girl call and the price when down to 15,000 or 500 peso per day.

Americans are saps here in Philippines and the Philippines are always wanting to gouge.

True story that happened last night.


I went back to this Transient House today.

I think there are two types, with security and without. I am not sure how dangerous a normal room in a normal area of Baguio is, I think the majority of Expats live in a gated, guarded areas.

10,000 was her final price she says, hard to trust a person who is walking around in Pajamas like she was drunk last night.

She asked, and this explains all...
- How much did I say the room was? -

Now she is making me pay utilities, I think the fare price for this place is around 5000 per month, and I pay utilities if I could learn to trust them.. (not possible.) Any deposits, add ons, extras and all I hear is horror stories here in this country.

I am told by all the expats, I need to have these deals negotiated by a Philippine person and walk in at the end.

And I truly do not enjoy seeing this side of people, it is one reason I wanted to stop selling real estate, who wants to gander at the ugly side of people.

Gadget could be the solution to this scammy way of doing travel room business. I think of policy on as to define a travel room.

1. Can rent for 0-3 months.
2. No deposit.
3. All gas, water, electricity, cable included.
?? I am not sure maybe they must be furnished.

I will soon set policy on If transient rooms submitted in Baguio or anywhere on the planet were in the site the process would be prequalified and presimplified.

The room above is great, I looked at a dog of a room with Phil for 7500.

The owner is nice. It is the Philippines culture I do no trust.

The transient rooms could always be rented and paying if transparent.


Lagarde area may have the better quality rooms.

Thanks JD


Transient house owners keep telling me the number of people who can live in the apartment or house. They will say 12 people in a two bedroom place. I think what happens it this, many people rent a room for 2-3 days and put 12 people in room paying 2000, so the owner gets 6000 for three days. If they luck out, they get this a couple times a month to net out about 12,000.

Kind of like winning the lottery, they get the big paycheck and they have trouble being realistic. I am learning, I think 10,000 is the good number for a decent place, then try to force the owner to pay all the utilities, and not pay a deposit.

Or get an introduction to a person, to go in cold is expensive and prone to scams.

I think text messaging needs to be done in the Tagalog language, if you do in English they just go into greed mode and never stop.


Zoo.. Yes I refuse to become an underdeveloped animal who spits and pisses anywhere.


10,000-12,000 Monthy is the easy to get price or common price for expats to pay for an apartment in Baguio for long term.

I can get 7000-10,000 easy in Bauang just to the coast from Baguio.

Paying untilities makes this situation not acceptable for me, I do not live here. Baguio is full of cheats who want to gouge a person. While Bauang is good.

There are many rooms for one night in great hotels for around 1000-1200 persons per night.
2009 September.


Stop and check at the Bali Hai East behind the VFW. If you are coming from either Angeles City area or from Baguio you say to the driver.

I go to Baw WONG, "Ariana Hotel." Are Ree Ahn Naw

The Bali Hai East, NOT Bali Hai is right to the right of the Ariana.

Truly the Hotel is half the distance between Bauang and San Fernando and is not in either city. Normally the drivers know Ariana Hotel, but if they do not Say Paringao, this is the name of the neighborhood. If this does not work say Footlights, a boom boom bar fine bar just down the street. If all that does not work, they stop in ether Bauang or San Fernando and pay a Trike 100 pesos to take you to the Ariana.

Bottom line, if you stay for weeks, you can get a better prices, there are tons of apartments for rent around 7000 to 10,000 pesos per month here.

The VFW is the American Expat Headquarters, they can help you and just inside the door to the VFW are ads for apartments to rent. I think Green Apartments on the way to Bauang are a good bet.

For Hotels, Australian owned or American owned are easier for negotiations.

The place is not a war zone, all is truly good only 2 days after the Typhoon, the modern stuff is ok, It is the squattes who built in the ravines.