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Chaguaramas Trinidad and Ocean Currents

Chaguaramas Trinidad

This guy is leaving next Tuesday for Brazil, he had it all map out and showed how the currents were against the boat until you went around the point of South America, he had map of winds, currents, etc. He is going out into the ocean farther to avoid the problems and coming back.

A Quote he had on his wall and said he lived by.

This is my dreamboat, a Catamaran, has a some flat area up front for laying in the sun sort of like Kevin Costner in the Waterworld movie. I asked a guy how much and he said not too much, starting at 100,000 U.S.A. Dollars, I about fell over laughing, from his perspective this is not much, to me I am looking at boat under 20 thousand, no more.

On the other hand, I think a person could make this boat a lot cheaper than 100,000 Dollars, especially with many boys getting paid 10 dollars per day, as is the normal wage for much of the world.

I found this bottle of deodorizer on the table, maybe Craig is using for his terrible smelling sandals. The rubber of some shoes is bad and makes them stink, only solution is to throw them, you really do not want stinky shoes in a one-room home. However if he purchased this for smell, than he is about 10 times over backpacker budget. These type of things are only when you are staying a month in a room not moving around. The weight it too much also.

SAVED, he purchased the stuff for his smell shoes; he says they are expensive? hmm. I will go check. TEVA, off my list of shoes to ever purchase, I do not buy smells, I think the problem is it has soft leather, not a good situation for Sandals, plus on the too heavy side for a backpackers. The are really shoes without all the parts.