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Castro is a Genius

Good or bad, that is the question. Few countries have social geniuses for leaders, Castro could sell overpriced snow to Eskimos and have them say thank you.

50 years in revolution, or is this 50 years of a common enemy, the government needs an enemy to thrive.

“I was a man who was lucky enough to have discovered a political theory, a man who was caught up in the whirlpool of Cuba's political crisis long before becoming a fully fledged Communist... Discovering Marxism...was like finding a map in the forest.”
-- Fidel Castro (1926? - )

I looked at the sign, I then looked at this beautiful house, as I walked down a street full of tourist hotels, Castro is genius.

Havana Habana Cuba Saturday, Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Centro Habana
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
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“De Estos Hombres Se Hace un Pueblo”

I have do not see photos of Castro, I do not see drawings of Castro, I do not see Castro. I see Che Guevara a man who never got to live in Cuba, made a hero. If Castro is in this drawing, it is not obvious. How did Che Guevara make a people? He never lived here, Castro is genius.

These men are not the leaders of Cuba.

I enjoy the observation of leaders of nations. President Obama won the hearts, minds, and support of the people of the world without doing anything. Mr. Obama is also a social genius, in many ways, the same as Castro, without the power to make change. Castro sent his potential enemies away to fight in other countries, and Obama is trying to tell Fox News to be quiet. One understood the plot, another has lost the plot.

Great social change comes with a common enemy.
Hitler needed the Jews…
Castro needs America…
Obama needed Bush…

What happens when the enemy disappears?

Castro is a Genius