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Casas Particulares Vedado Havana

I am paying 25 CUC per night to live in an unlicensed Casa Particulare. I am in a Private home; the price of the room is cheaper than Haiti. I have air conditioning, hot water, security, and intelligence. If you list out all the benefits, the value of a room in Cuba a better value than Haiti.

My apartment building, feels like 1965, it is a great room, and if I want, I see how upper class Cubans live in their homes.

Havana Habana Cuba Saturday, December 5, 2009
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
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The Vedado area of Havana near the Melia Cohiba is boring. There is nothing to do; old Habana is 2-3 kilometers away from here. This is like Miami, complete with overdressed women with push up bras, who wiggle and waddle when the walk. However, it is safer to enter a stable part of cities, learn how the country works, then move in the more crowded and interesting parts of the city.

The only interesting thing to photograph in the Vedado area is the cars. However, they will be in all areas, and not a reason to visit the Vedado area of Cuba. I will take many photos; one in 15-20 cars is either old American or Russian. My Norwegian friends told me, Cuba does not allow many cars to be imported; therefore, the locals preserve the older cars. It is not about USA sanctions, it is about the country of Cuba, not allowing freedom of import and export. I have seen many Mercedes Benz taxis dropping people off at the Melia Cohiba.

There are no restrictions on photos, there is nothing but these boring building to photograph, I will walk or take a colectivo taxi to Habana Vieja today. I will change Casa Particulare as soon as possible, so I can walk around in a more interesting area of Havana.

The standard price in the guidebook for Casas Particulares is 25-30 CUC per night. I believe it will be easy to find one for 10-15 CUC per night. However, not by using the Lonely Planet guidebook, it is focused on expensive travel, not Mochileros.

Casas Particulares Vedado Havana