Carry-Ons to Cost $45 at Spirit Airlines

2010-04-08 08:13:08

Expats in Guatemala are angry because is going to start charging 45 dollars for a carry on bag. I made a joke, and said,
"Soon the airlines will weigh you and make you pay by the pound, maybe we call it."
"Fat American Baggage Fee."

I have been researching the size of Carry On Luggage for years, and in my opinion. 95 percent of carry on bags are too large to be called carry ons if the airlines enforced their own rules.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Thursday, April 8, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Only Five People Waiting for Baggage
I took this photo at United Airlines the baggage carousel in New York, City. Normally, with overseas flights, it is easy to find the baggage carousel, I can follow the main group of people from the plane and they lead me to the correct baggage carousel.

This did not work in New York, only five people checked their bag, I thought to myself.
"The plane is top-heavy, this is dangerous."

Good Advice Ignored
I told the old bag of a woman here in Panajachel, Guatemala who was crying the blues in the Dinosaur Coffee shop.
"Weigh all your bags; you need to know exactly how much your luggage weighs."

People Living Overseas
If I were living in Guatemala, every trip I made to the USA, I would carry back as much as possible on the airplane. It just makes sense, the products sold in the USA cost less, the appliance, the televisions, the goal is to have the same quality of life as in the USA, and the only way to do this is to bring things here from the USA.

If you do not want tricky, buy an American Airlines ticket for twice the price. is charging people to use the toilet, and I think fat people should pay more.

Truth in advertising is the real problem here, the world has decided that tricky and clever is an acceptable business practice.

"Please do not tell me you never seen one of the baggage size tubular boxes, I know you are not that dumb." Standing in line is part of life, why does this cause you so much emotional pain, does it hurt to be alone with your own thoughts?

Eric a reader did some great research on Carry On Luggage size.

Carry-Ons to Cost $45 at Spirit Airlines

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