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Carriacou Grenada by Osprey Ferry

Carriacou Grenada - Start of Grenadine Islands

Wednesday February 15, 2006, 7:43 AM

I arrived yesterday by the Osprey Ferry, it left at 9:00 at the main bay of St Georges, Grenada, it took about 2 hours of misery to arrive to the island of Carriacou. I read my GPS and it say we was going about 26 Nautical Miles per hour, I need to change it back to normal miles. I ate a food called Channa before I got on the ferry and lost it in the toilet on the way. I think it is more or less 30-50 miles distance.

Once I arrived in the small port city, I think the name is Hillsborough; however, it is the village at the end of the trip. I turned left and walked to Ade?s Dream Guesthouse, they have a room for 60 EC with no TV or Air, however private room and a kitchen to use. Before I rented the room I walked to the Peace Haven, it was the same price, however a little more busy, smaller, and not internet inside the store. I think I could negotiate a longer stay cheaper there or in a better with TV in the Millers just farther down the main street.

Every van driving by wanted to take me to Paradise Beach or something, I will go there today. I am told by the not so helpful, get out of my face customs person that the boat to Union Island, Grenadines leaves on Thursday in the afternoon. Today is Wednesday, therefore I will leave tomorrow, I believe it only leave two times per week. Monday and Friday, however I am not sure.

Carriacou is a very slow, laid back, Rasta type place, with a lot of very nice small-scale building, it is a seaside village, with a nice beach along side both sides of the pier. Nobody seems to sunbathe on this beach, however maybe a nice place to walk on in the mornings. I was happy the Guesthouses all here seem to think they should include a kitchen, the Ade?s Dream Guesthouse is amazingly organize, private bath, and a balcony, kitchen, internet and store below. I walked down to the not too friend John?s Unique place, it was the same cost, however also includes a TV for 60, however they had no room, not friendly, and I do not think they have a guest kitchen. I like to stay in the center of older areas or the center of the cities so I can meet the local culture.

The Caribbean area of the world seems empty of travelers, many tourists on agenda trip, busy and quickly trying to have a vacation.

I expect everyone that is in this hotel last night to leave today or the next, it always appears to be a 1-2 day and out country. Like Europe in this way, everyone only smells the place; they do not get to know the place.