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Caribbean Vacation Deals for Wise Buyers

How does one go about making wise Caribbean Vacation deals? It is enjoyable to write about travel, on the other hand, I know this, as a travel writer I am either your friend or your enemy.

I want to go Saint Barthelemy.

I am your best friend when the writing is honest, that is what friends do --- they tell the truth. I also make enemies by telling the truth. However, it is possible to have one of my advertisers on this site sell you a bad Caribbean vacation package without me involved. Moreover, I know the tour operators or resort packages that pay the best often promote the worst Caribbean vacation deals, the worst value for the money.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


First: Is there something special about the Caribbean Country?
Why are you looking for a Caribbean vacation deal? What is the fantasy or romanticized idea you want to find?

If I were choosing to go to an all-inclusive resort, personally, I would go to one in the USA where they can pamper me in an American way. I speak Spanish and French, and a lot of Thai, but to completely relax I want to speak English. Now I know am a different type of traveler, and yes there is enjoyment in learning and listening to people speak Spanish, and maybe that is the reason you would come to a Caribbean country like the Dominican Republic.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to hear Spanish, French, etc, what are you doing?

Saint Barthelemy speaks French?
Why do I want to go to Saint Barthelemy? Because I believe, the rich and famous may go to this island, and for me sitting around with beautiful daughters of French millionaires in bikinis seems wise. On the other hand, I do not make enough money to sit around with the rich and famous in complete comfort. The cost of just buy a cup off coffee in their hangouts could cost me 10 dollars per cup and maybe I would feel awkward, I know I would not, but not important.

Caribbean Vacation Deals
The wise traveler is going to choose their battle very carefully when thinking about the Caribbean. Sosua and Cabarete here in the Dominican Republic are extreme versions of tourists traps. The value of a Caribbean vacation is nebulous; the biggest advantage for an American is it is close by plane.

What is a tourists trap?

At a tourist trap, you order a Coca Cola expecting it will cost two dollars, when the bill comes you find it is eight dollars. Every expectation of cost is exploited, the locals have learned we are tourist and exploit our culture bias.

Yesterday, I heard a story where a woman here in Sosua went to a dentist to have her teeth cleaned. She was confused because of medication, got out the chair and the dentist asks here to pay 25,000 pesos. She trusted the dentist and paid the money, later she realized she gave the Dentist about 600 US Dollars. A person just does not believe a dentist is going to do this, but they do in tourists traps.

Most of the Caribbean is third world nations, disguised as a resort, do not get confused.

Wisdom or do you have low self-esteem?
I can live in a tourist trap easily, because I demand they tell me the price before I purchase. A few days ago, I read the price on a package of granola in the Playera Super Market here in Sosua; I computed the shelf price and believed the price was three US Dollars. I get to the counter, she rings it up, and it is six dollars. I told the checkout person to take it off the bill, I do not care if she thinks I am cheap, a hobo, a bum, I just do not care; I do not make bad decision for any person.

Nothing is priced properly in the stores here, there is seldom a transparent deal offered, it takes constant vigilance to buy good values, and not pay exploitive tourist prices.

Ask the price? A wise person knows exactly what they are purchasing and never brings out more money than required to pay.

How can I go to Saint Barts and make a good Caribbean vacation deal?
The first goal of a travel budget is to not spend money you do not have. This is why an all-inclusive resort is maybe the best option for me or the majority of tourist. There is no way to go bankrupt while on vacation in an all-inclusive resort.

But please, living inside a resort does not qualify you to say you know the local culture, you are killing me, please stop.

Therefore, me living outside the resort is financially dangerous, I could overspend. Not possible for me, I never carry more than 20 dollars in my pants pocket and never pay with a credit card.

Now, I do not want to go to an all-inclusive resort in Saint Barts. Why, because I do not want to hang with people on limited budgets, I want to live with people who do not flinch when they give a waitress a one hundred dollar tip. One day I will have an unlimited budget, and in that period of my life, I will go there to visit.

I enjoy the rich and famous more than the poor, but given a choice between poor and the wanna be rich, give me the poor. Often an ego or low esteem person can write checks they cannot cash, or want to be something they are not, just too much competition talk for a vacation.

Caribbean Vacation Deals for Wise Buyers