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Caribbean Living in DR for 500 USD per Month

I know this sounds like a get rich scheme where you can double your money in 30 days with no money down. Or the lose 50 pound without dieting, and you get to eat all your favorite foods, just too good to be real talk. I love the modern world, liars are trusted, honest people are considered fools for not being clever.

However, part of me wants to keep these locations secret, if I tell too many people, maybe they all will listen and come rent the cheap rooms and drive up the price. I am happy to say, it does not work that way, readers do not trust me, instead the believe the scammers and I am safe. I know there will always be these cheap rooms available.

However, the truth is this, they overbuilt rooms in Sosua, Dominican Republic, and Cabarete down the road became trendy, and there is an over surplus of room inventory. A person can rent a room from 150-500 USD per month easy here, with a kitchen, and often WIFI Internet. I have a room with one the best views in Sosua for 250 per month, all utilities paid, but I am sharing the house with a women, but this is good, she is nice and the house is big, I have a private bath and 24/7 Internet in my room.

Watch the video I took from my 250 USD room balcony of the beach in Sosua, truly a paradise, although I am never quite sure what that word means.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Tuesday, May 3, 2011
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Scuba Lesson at Sosua Beach in Dominican Republic

I would like to buy distressed properties in Sosua
I used to buy a home on Tuesday, put 200 dollars down, and then sell it for 10,000 more to a "RE-FI" person on Thursday. I would assign the offer to purchase over to the new person and take out 10,000 K at closing. I have purchase over 60 home in my life, not a fun business, but profitable.

Well, I am seeing dollar signs here in Sosua, there are people who purchased home cash here in Sosua, took out a second mortgage in the USA, now they hate their home in Sosua because they are out of a job, up to their ears in debt. It is possible to walk up to a 250,000 dollar home here in Sosua and buy it for 50,000. Then rent it out into we sold if for 100,000 or maybe 150,000 Dollars, but to realize the profit could take two years. These homeowners are in real trouble; this is why it is distressed.

I truly wish I had an extra 200 grand sitting around in an account, to make offers. Then again, it is also easy to do in the USA, and safer, but I do not want to live in the USA just to make money.

Paid attention to me today --- Monday ---
I have been walking into the same small super market for a week in Charamicos. Sosua has many tourists, the locals are good at ignoring us, well on Monday, and the people finally see I am here more than normal. Yesterday, the woman in the small shop asked me who I was and said hello, it took a week for her to notice me.

I have been having withdrawal from attention, while in Ghana, I would meet a person walking by me on the street and they would want to know me. Taking a week to make friends makes me feel unwanted and out of sorts.

However, I can meet one foreigner per day, and this is nice, but I am not immersed in the society here, I am not meeting locals.

Rumors of Subic Bay
There is a rumor that ships now in Japan will soon be moved to Subic Bay in the Philippines, this means there will be a housing and business boom in that city.

Caribbean Living in DR for 500 USD per Month


I believe every word you say and have seen it myself in Central America, no doubt very soon 'International Living' *(Google them) and their slick pro real estate and land deal cons will pick up on it, the great majority of those wishing to relocate in or near Sousa will of course not believe the word of a backpacking hobo renting a 250 USD a month room, too good to be true, IL has ahuge membership only website, gives expensive relocation seminars, although they do send out a free newsletter giving out a lot of information, no doubt they have someone trolling this page and in a year or so the area in and around Sousa will be mobbed with potential buyers, there are people who are well satisfied to live in gated communities, speak just enough Spanish to get by and socialize and gossip with each other, I was a Mexico City ex pat in 1985, was invited to look at San Miguel de Allende by a couple ex pat friends, every day at 11 am dozens of foreigners gathered in the main square, awaiting the English language 'Mexico City News', telling the same stories, was nicknamed 'limp dick row' as most of the men were retired and over 55, told my friends not the life for me, got along fine with the locals cuz I spoke Spanish. Well 'paradise' is only 30 minutes drive from where I live, the pristine Pacific surfing beaches of El Salvador, now over priced and over crowded, but still a bargain for the budget traveler as some good inexpensive hostals still exist. It is all relative, buena suerte.


I will make a video of the inside of my room or house, must ask permission, it is not my house.


There are houses in the American Tropics for 20k - 30k with oceanview (3BDRM) places on the sand for 100K-300K. No property taxes. US Federal Court. The catch is... unemployment is 14-20 pct., governments and their services are 3rd world-ish, and one needs a blue passport or a "Green card" to live there. Rents between $75 to $200 for 1 BDRM easy to find. A regular pension or spatial-independent income stream is necessary.