Canteen Restaurant in Philippines

Canteen Restaurant in Philippines
A cheap place to eat, a great place to meet people is in a Canteen in the Philippines. I have found many in the north of Luzon Island. This country is huge with the 7000 plus islands, however I hope they are in the whole country to help make my life simpler here.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, September 10, 2009
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This is called a Canteen, maybe it comes from military terminology, however I do not know. This one is in front of a small nursing school next to the Bethany Hospital, East of the square or behind it in the city of San Fernando, La Union province, the Philippines.

Maybe this Google Map with embed and make my life easier, technology is a lottery, who knows what works, we just persist in trying to use it, sometimes more of a headache than a help.,0,10920461749609862288&ei=WS-oSve9DomIsgOcqfXJBQ&ll=16.61594,120.317566&spn=0.007957,0.019205&z=16

I now have my eyes trained looking for Canteens as I travel from Bauang to San Fernando, La Union in a jeepney. There are many on this 10-kilometer stretch.

I am targeting ones close to Universities or Schools, hoping a few of the older faculty people hanging out in them. I have yet to discover which times of the day are busy. I want at 7:30 in the morning by accident and there were many students and friendly staff. I tend to believe that noon is the time to visit.

Finding friends when traveling is easy for drinkers, they just waddle up or saddle up on the bar stool and they got a friend. For us non-drinker it become more work, I normally will stop in the small restaurants until I have became a regular friend. In the immediate area around the Bali Hai East Resort or the VFW there are very few small restaurants, small bars yes, but small family feeling restaurants no. There are many tourist restaurants, but I do not want to meet Filipino tourist, that is about the same type of people as the VFW. I hope to find young executive types. Somebody close with same interest, education level and comparable cash.

I am thinking about looking for coffee shops, there may be a couple in San Fernando, where Filipina Yuppies hang out.

Most of the food in a Canteen is Filipino food; however, I am slowly finding some foods that I can understand.

Friendship is about repetition, the more times you run into a person, the better your friendships, until you decide to arrange to meet, and then you have a friend.

Here they exchange telephone number and you can receive a never-ending text message from friends. A great way to meet, but be judicious with the phone, you may find they text more than you can handle.

I am feeling very old with my expat friends, I want to feel younger, I hope to work my way up to the Surfer Beaches of San Juan to see if there is ONE surfer. I make a joke, maybe there are three…

Use this site to find surfers, than you will find better beaches, truly a hunt in the Philippines.

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Canteen Restaurant in Philippines


I guess the map did not make it through to the other end, rats.


"Carinderia's" this is perfect.

I will write the name of this dish down and try it, I am still trying to find a person to translate so I can make a video of typical food.