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Canceled Flight from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico

Canceled Flight from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico

I am trying to fly from Santiago, Dominican Republic to San Juan, Puerto Rico, it appears that one of the engines on the plane had problem. The flight was cancelled, and they put me up in Hotel for the night and will drive me to Santo Domingo for a 11:00 flight.

This is the airplane that had engine problems, and I lost a day of my three day trip to Puerto Rico.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Irony of this Business Trip
I am going to Puerto Rico to meet with one the most knowledgeable Internet Webmasters on the planet. Truthfully, I do not go visit countries for two day, although really Puerto Rico is just some part of the USA that is strangely defined.

I designed a business, with no phone calls, no appointments, no emergencies, well, a the end of the day, no business type reasons to prioritize my day.

I do not need to prioritize every moment, I do not have a business card, and if I do not work for a week, nothing really changes, my business is a passive income business.

However, the one time I truly wanted to learn something, the plane is cancelled, and I am losing 24 hours of time spent with my friend of seven years Steve.

I have to go, it is 5:25 AM here in the Hotel, I have to be in the lobby at 6:00 to get in the ground transportation to Santo Domingo.

I had not choice, American Airlines would not refund my money, I had to either go to San Juan or lose the cost of the flight and two nights in an expensive hotel in San Juan. I cannot believe it was not possible for them to just hand me back my money.

I had some fun, I stayed what people would define as a luxury type hotel, it is always amazing to me that you cannot pay enough to remove simple basic hotel problems. They truly should shoot the architects, they only get away with it because they hotel always feel nicer than peoples home, in reality there are many problems.

Canceled Flight from Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico