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Camera Manual Download Travel Tip

Read the manual, this is maybe the best way to become confused with a camera. However, if you want to become one of the big boys, you need to be brave.

My first Camera advice is,

1. "Do not play with the buttons."
2. Only play with the buttons when you absolutely know what and why playing with them buttons.
(Same advice for a computer, do not play with things you do not understand.)

I purchased a Canon Powershot SX10 with a 20X optical zoom on December 2, 2008. This is one of the best Camera I have used, and about my 11th digital camera. I believe it is a little better than the Sony because it powers up, focuses and shoots faster. I buy about one camera per year, however this one may last me two years, if not three. I have owned Fuji and Olympus and truly was not happy, so do not send me recommendations.

Canon versus Sony Canon Wins the Race

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, February 26, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Download the Camera Manual Before you Leave
Finding a PDF manual is an act of God; I carried around the manual for a year, and then left it in the USA on my last stopover. Well, what do you know, the minute I am not carrying the manual, is the minute I need the manual.

Boy Genius From India Finds Manual
The focus has become a problem, I talked with Boy Genius, I was asking.

1. Can I defrag the camera chip on my computer?
2. Can I format this 8 Meg chip on the computer?

He is helping me to optimize the settings, I said, it would be nice if there were a way to click on the words and have the camera explain…
"What is IS Mode?"
He tells me, this is Image Stabilizing Mode.
"How would I know that?"
… Hmm, I need the manual.

Download Before
I think my really best advice would tell you to download the manual before you buy the camera. A digital camera slowly becomes junk, the camera needs reset, the software reset, many things I do not understand and do not care to learn need optimized. Therefore, to keep this camera functioning properly I need to read the manual, and un-adjust, what I adjusted, or to be a great photographer, I need to learn more… aagh, this resembles work.

This is the link to the Manual, maybe it will continue to work:

This is the link to the PDF Canon Manual, who knows if it works…

Photography Class
I would love to take a camera class, taught by a teacher that uses the Canon Powershot SX10 with a 20X Optical Zoom, and could explain all the menu options.

Wiki has something to say, but in the end, this is a game where we teach ourselves the rules.

Buy for 325-350 USD

Best Buys
I purchased my Canon Camera at Best Buys, I got the extended warranty, I believe they told me I could drop it and they would replace. Dropping cameras is a real problem, and seemed reasonable, so I tried it, and I hope I do not need the warranty. I normally do not buy the extended warranty, but I thought I could use this one for two years, and the cost would come to 150-200 USD per year.

The most important feature I need in a camera is speed, the camera needs to boot up fast, and focus, whereby that girl in bikini rolling in the sand is a possible shot.

Girls can walk fast, I spy the target, my mind registers, I pull the camera, and I take the shot. I am not just sitting around trying to take photos, I am reading my book, but I am aware.

Sosua Beach Dominican Republic

If you cannot download the manual prior to purchasing, maybe you need to find your local expert to help. When I am in Africa, lying in bed, inside a square concrete room, I need this manual, and when I really need it, Boy Genius is not on Skype, the internet is not to be found. Trust me, this is when you wish you had downloaded the PDF Manual prior to leaving, I recommend you learn from my mistakes, and take a different path.

Camera Manual Download Travel Tip