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Calling Guatemala is Feature of a Verizon Smartphone

Features of a Smartphone are difficult to explain, it is like asking the question,
"What can a computer do?"
Where does one start explain the features of a Smartphone?

I wrote a Guatemala Travel Tip the other day on 20 ways of calling Guatemala.
Calling Guatemala

I forgot the truly easy way, and if I had a daughter or son I was worried about, the ability to keep constant contact would influence my decisions, I suspect I would pay to have a Verizon Smartphone in their little get-in-trouble-hands.

My Verizon Smartphone has a feature that allows the USA telephone number to find me in other countries. When you would call my Verizon USA mobile phone number, it will forward to any country.

Therefore calling Guatemala is simple as calling a USA telephone number.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Saturday, March 27, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com


I am presently carrying a Verizon HTC Touch Pro II; I carried the Verizon BlackBerry Storm while I was in Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania last year.

Three Major Features to Smartphone’s
1. The Phone - BlackBerry, Iphone, HTC, Nokia, etc.
2. Operating Systems, RIM, Mac, Android, Windows Mobile
3. The Global Access or the one country access.

I recommend you evaluate these three aspects of a Smartphone, to just say, buy an Iphone is anal and short sighted, it is the three features or variables working together.

Verizon Plan:
I am a world travel, as best I can understand, it is going to cost you 100 USA dollars to have global internet access that will seamlessly allow you to check emails in 208 territories or countries.

ATT World Plan:
I do not understand the ATT world plan; me and Boy Genius in India have sliced and diced this for the last couple of years since Verizon gave me a Smartphone to evaluate globally. We both as of today feel the Verizon gives me easy to use global access, I believe I have double the number of countries of ATT and I never need to arrange plans while in a country.
- Thank you Verizon.

Do I understand this, that is a good question, but I can say, I feel Verizon has the best global email plan, the telephone feature is of less value to me, but would be valuable to a business traveler on short trips.

Combinations I would buy… Maybe
1. A phone with a typing pad, I am not fond of dialing telephone numbers on a touch pad, and navigation is better with the keys than a touch pad. However, truthfully, I need to see more systems, and if they have these two features of a Smartphone below, I am game.
2. Google Android Operating System.
3. Verizon Global Access plan - 100 USD per month.

I think to just say Iphone is nuts, I want the ability to uses Google.com features like Google Maps, Docs, Google Reader for RSS, I do not want some translations, transliteration problem.

A person needs to know their level of understanding, how well do you understand computers, is there a close friend that can help you daily to understand? I would love readers to comment, add links to Features of Smartphone’s, or ways for us to weigh the pros and cons of Smartphone features or benefits.

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Calling Guatemala is Feature of a Verizon Smartphone