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Rubik's Complex a Common Traveler Malady

"A personality disorder in which the inflicted feels the constant need to solve the puzzle."
-- Originated on television medical show "House."
Some doctors have a "Messiah complex", Dr. House has a "Rubik's complex".
I often obsess on the question,
"What makes a person travel forever?"

I think it is could be labeled a "Rubik’s Complex." The world is a puzzle, there are never-ending questions, and generally, there are no simple answers. If you watch the TV show "House," you will observe the Doctors working with him become extremely frustrated, often angry. He provokes, they want simple answers, and he only puts forth enigmatic statements. Derives a conclusion, and is confident, arrogant and direct, this drives his staff crazy.

Dakar / Yoff / Senegal, West-West Africa --- Tuesday, March 15, 2011


USA Television Makes Traction in Europe
I was talking with Jean, an extremely intelligent 26-year-old man from Belgium who works for the United Nations here in the Via Via Hotel the other day. He made an interesting comment about the televisions shows in the USA. He said more or less,
"We Europeans used to think all the TV shows from the USA were stupid, in the last few years they have become very good and our people are becoming addicted. They are watching series every week; they are glued to the TV."

Ok, I paraphrased that, but more or less that was the idea, I have been traveling now for 13 years, this means I have been hearing Europeans make fun of the USA television and Movies for 13 years. It has always been fun for me; because they would say the USA TV was stupid, and sometimes I would, point out their country was not even smart enough to make a TV show that could be evaluated as stupid.

One Travel Problem Needs One Type of Travel Gear
There is a rather annoying idea, that there are many solutions to problems. In reality, the best solution normally surfaces and become a standard. If you look at luggage, you can see that a carry on size bag with wheels is almost the universally accepted type of luggage for travel. There is a reason; this is because for average use, this is good bag for an airplane.

Note, 95 percent of these bags are too big to fit in the airlines measuring rack, and one day the airlines are going to decide to truly enforce their own rules.

I have lived in Hotel rooms continuously for 13 years, and there are best solutions to problems. There are optimal travel tips, I often think about the "Universal Plug Adapters."

There is tons of travel gear sold that does not work longer than about one or two months, for example if I buy a kit above, and I lose one piece, what do I do?

I cook inside my Hotel Room maybe 4-5 times per week, not complicated meals, but I do cook many foods. Well, after doing this maybe 1000 times, there evolves the highest and best way to cook. There is nothing that save more money than cooking your room, and trust me after 13 years, the thrill of sitting in restaurant alone and eating is gone.

There are best solutions for travel tips, not all solutions are good, and only by traveling perpetually does one travel tip become obviously the best.

Faking a Hotel Reservation?
Want to ask a question to decide if a person is a traveler or a tourist?

Ask a person,
"How do you fake an onward plane ticket?"

I am adding, because I am becoming tired of doing so…
"How do you fake a Hotel Reservation?"

If you need to ask why, then you are a tourist. Now, many readers realize that tourists annoy me, the reason is simple, they are delusional, and they have little humility. There three things that people believe they are experts at; "Sex, Real Estate, and Travel," and the truth is nobody is an expert. The only reason I call myself an expert is to slow down the idiot comments from Tourists, it takes a lot of huevos to tell a person that has traveled for 13 years how to travel, but people want to do just that, almost daily. Then to expect me to just listen quietly is a little weird, I feel like "House."

I say Travel Expert or Professional Traveler to slow down the tourist, and get them to think.

Travelers versus Tourists

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- Why are there no Quarter Pounders with Fromage served in France?

An interesting plaisanterie, but is it correct, if you are referring to MacDonald's?...

When I was in Paris, France, I ate at MacDonald's on a regular basis, it was the only country I have even visited, whereby McDonald's was a regular stop. Hmm, I guess I do stop in to Micky D's on Khao San Road, in Bangkok, Thailand and eat a chocolate dipped cone.

France has a lot of MacDonald's, it is the only restaurant that was even slightly reasonable in price and gave me food in less than an hour. Now the question is, I know there are many MacDonald's in Paris, do they sell Cheeseburgers?

T.M.I. --- Too Much Information
T.I.A. --- This is Africa
T.I.F --- This is France

Generally, it is hard to get a staunch, and cynical opinion of something until you have a lot of experience. I was walking in Belgium with my friend Pascal, he said,
"Let's go to McDonald's."
I said,
"Are you joking?"

I have been with many Australians as they has a Mac Attack.

Rick Steves?
I do not think I have ever read anything he wrote, I know he goes to Europe, hard for me to even make a good joke, I do not know anything about him.

I have read a couple of books by Paul Theroux, but he says,
"I am not a travel writers, I am a writers that travels."

Long story, I am in the process of reading a book right now about travel. I am referenced in the book and I have yet to read the book, it is painful for me read travel books or websites.


Very cool. I suppose as bloggers we need to take full advantage of all the media forms that we have available to us. This additional utilization of other media is perhaps what separates a blogger from a writer. A blogger must do it all -- web design, photography, video, radio style podcasts, as well as writing to tie it all together. My biggest hangup here is that I rely on writing too much -- it is my default position -- when I should be concentrating almost as much on the other forms of media. It is good to see you branching out. I like the style of this too: you are a much better answerer than a questioner. This is the opposite of what most other podcasters do.


Aagh Wade... !!!!

Wade you wrote:
"I like the style of this too: you are a much better answerer than a questioner. This is the opposite of what most other podcasters do."

Wade, I 100 percent have this Rubik's Complex,
"A personality disorder in which the inflicted feels the constant need to solve the puzzle."

1. Style?
2. Answerer?
3. Questioner?
4. Opposite of Podcaster

What a puzzle? How am I suppose to reconcile being a Podcaster who can answer questions when I have yet to do one Podcast.

Serious though Wade, intonation, style, pauses and feelings can be inserted into a Podcast, and faster than writing. In a way, I am being lazy, I sense there is a need to answer questions in a more complete way. Plus, I am becoming more jaded, I am not sure people can read anymore. Facebook is quickly creating a generation of people that stop concentrating after about 144 characters.

Wade, my advice is you need to write a book.


Got my USA number as well, along with my Magic Jack, now have two USA numbers just in case, I wrote a borrador or rough draft of a 'Primer for First Time Travelers to Central America', actually a little bit of travel and safety advice, tiny bit of wisdom, spice of humor and a lot of url s or links, country by country, actually I know personally a few of the webmasters, a 'travel guru' from the 'travellerspoint' travel forum called me a 'Genius', I write very little, as most people in Generations X Y or Z or whatever don't read over 144 characters, last week I rambled and vetted on a FB thread, the people from developed countries cannot understand me or try not to, I understand, from now on a minimum on FB
I love bloqs and journals that have humor and satire in them, where the author will actually answer questions TO THE BEST OF HIS OR HER ABILITY, point the newbie or wanabee traveler in the right direction and try not to steer them wrong, I always get that 5 or 10 that belittle, mock or try to get online 'trip planning' or 'insider information'??? out of me...Do you know locals who are selling land in ------------? NO, I tell them to travel to the area or region, hire a bi lingual local or ex pat resident driver/guide, there is a web site to do, covers 190 countries and one can ask questions on line, the Hospex sites, once a good place to 'meet' other good travelers on the groups are now young travelers, many confused, looking for direction and a free place to stay, and many now asking where to find a 'job'.
Good luck on your new phone service, will call and say hello tommorow, good thing you do not base in Europe during summer high travel season, phone would ring off the wall!