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Call a Foreign Doctor Today

Call a Foreign Doctor Today
The Hospital Culture in the Philippines is intriguing. I have been to the Lorma Hospital here in San Fernando, La Union Philippines maybe 10 times. I have been to the Bethany Hospital in San Fernando two times. I have been to the Ilocos Regional Hospital four times.

1. I have learned an extremely important lesson, do not just walk in and take the first Doctor they point you at.
2. Just because they have horrible manners, do not think they are stupid.
3. Get a list of all the Doctors in the specialty needed, truly, you can interview all of them, and it cost 300-500 Pesos per visit or about 6-10 U.S. Dollars.

This is a horrible place for a hypochondriac, or maybe heaven.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Sunday, September 13, 2009
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This is the nurse’s station on the second floor somewhere in the Lorma Hospital in San Fernando. I walked up here, asked a few questions, sat in front of a door, waited, then eventually talked to a Doctor. It was funny, two people cut in front of me, and they will open the doctor’s door and enter his office, just rude, but fun to watch.

I went over to see this other Private Hospital in San Fernando; many of the exact same Doctors also work there. Ilocos is the cheap hospital, so if you know they are in Lorma, you can also often find them in Ilocos Regional for 2/3 the price.

What is hoot, I though I only talked to the only Neurology and Orthopedic Doctors, I had not found many, the staff acted as if there was only one choice, and I accepted this. Funny stuff and enjoyable, but also annoying, the culture here does not allow a person to say something is bad, they can say it is good, but to criticize is rare. If they point you to talk with one Doctor, all other Doctors are ignored and it feels as if they do not exist.

I am leaning toward India now for better Doctors, mainly because I believe, the only way to learn is to criticize, to be criticized, to be extremely judgmental and push a Doctor to learn. I just wish the India culture washed and showered, I am not sure; Thailand is about the same as the Philippines. However, with the invention of, a person can call the Doctors and ask questions.

See who has the best marketing plan, and who sucks up the best. I would try this; ask the cost of the exact same procedure, try to learn if transparent or full of normal Doctor double talk.

Here is a list of Doctors from the Lorma Private Hospital, call up one and understand the culture of Doctors in the Philippines.

Saint Lukes in Manila, Philippines

Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand, call a Doctor up, relieve the pressure in your brain, and learn…

I suspect you will learn, this is a Charlie Foxtrot, truly a pain in the butt and only the last solution when you have given up on the USA or Europe.

Note, I truly believe getting Plastic Surgery and especially Breast Implants has to be a great idea. I would venture to guess there are more Breast Implants given in Thailand than any other country on the planet. It is amazing the percentage of the population that is homosexual and the number of men dress or trying to become female, Thailand is the gay capital of the planet, and probably the cheap champion of breast implants, just too funny.

A couple of fun things to think about, a great marketing plan is not needed by a great Doctor. A great place to meet women is in a country where all the men are turning gay.

Placebo or Strong Suggestion is a Doctors best friend, sort of like a hypnotist. You will pay a lot of money, they have to cure you, you paid a lot, they must be good, they charge a lot, too silly of argument to carry on further. Everyone says they are good, therefore they are good, it is the one Doctor that is important, not the group, do not do a groupthink think escape the herd.

Call a Foreign Doctor Today


Respect should be given to all people, I was just in a fun way explaining what types of travelers would enjoy Thailand now. Plus, plastic surgery, body alterations, is an ideal form of Medical Tourism for Thailand, maybe the Philippines, however the boy who want to be girls do not seem to get as many breast implants here, but who knows, not an important thing to me.

I think Southeast Asia could learn from Japan, Europe and America about respect, manners, etc until the end of days....but the reason it is cheaper sometimes is because of the primitive behavior. I need to go to Africa where life is real, tired of thinking about all this crap.

The world is not tolerant of males who want to be male, I alwasys get this feeling if I acted like a girl I would be accepted better, but who cares.


i was told the other day, "do not play around with people fantasies, they will protect them."

Oops, I am sorry, did it again, I am suppose to edit my thoughts and never say what I am thinking.

There are times when playing a little ping pong in peoples head leads to a good cultural study or conversation.