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Cairo Egypt Accomplishments

2005-09-20 10:40:00

Cairo Egypt
6:28 PM Tuesday September 20, 2005

I am happy to be back in Cairo, a few old friends, familiar places, and I know how to get something accomplished here. I somehow lost my plastic coffee cup and had to go and purchase one, strange how this can take an hour of walking to just buy a plastic cup. I am in the Tourist / Center of Cairo and not much good on normal type items, I am not sure what is good, maybe electronics is easy to buy here.

Nonetheless, I purchased a cup, now life is good, I can drink my coffee and enjoy the day.

I have two extra days in Cairo, I am really tired after my 22 hour trip from Niamey to Cairo, hard to believe such a short distance by plane could take so long, there is just no plane traffic really from West Africa to East Africa, so I have to go North, then to East, in reality if I would have know this, I would have flown from Frankfurt to Niamey, then to Frankfurt then to Israel.

Better almost to stage trip to Africa from Europe as that is where all the flights are coming from. France has really put a loop around these countries, hard to imagine France as any headquarters for Airplane however all the expensive flights to Africa are staged from France.