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Cabarete was a Let Down Today

There are no young people in Cabarete in this season, only some oldsters and a bunch of real estate problems. There is an overabundance of abandoned commercial property, almost more than Sosua.

It is the month of May, I took a 25-peso collective car to Cabarete today, and it is only about seven miles from Sosua, truly an easy trip. I am not sure, I thought it would be a good place to live for a month, but right now, it seems as if there are only old people or no people there.

I have a choice, a "Tourist Trap" full of old people tourist, or a place full of men with a lot of boom boom girls. It is sure easy to work here, I do not even have desire to leave the house. What is sad, both beaches are truly beautiful, however I need to not think about the people around my world.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I know I am the exception, I pay attention to people, I want people in my life, and I want to have morally honest and good people. This country is beautiful, but that is not the type of people here in Dominican Republic. I stopped in my tracks yesterday and had a déjà vu, this place reminds me of the ugly feeling I had about Mexico. Maybe Venezuela, that for sure is one of my least favorite countries, Mexico can be fun, but not because of the Mexicans, but because there is so many American there, easy to ignore the Mexicans.

Well, I came here to work, so I am here at a good time of year, the weather is good, but the general demographics around here are in the gutter. Therefore, I will continue to stay in my room, work all day, and try to tap into the Internet fountain of money.

I have already boosted my income by at least 15 percent, and it will climb, it always does when I focus on work, and not on play and travel. Funny, how work can makes allow a person to thrive and have money, but it is a good thing to avoid when possible.

There is a lot going on the two web sites, some real exciting development. I have shifted the marketing of advertising on the sites into high gear.

I purchased three more domains today: - (I bought this last week.)

More or less, I am going to buy some domains to use for a combination of Expats, Offshore, and Real Estate issues. These four places are good places for Expats to live for about three months, I am not sure I recommend they buy real estate. However, I am positive there is incredible need for an honest real estate broker here in all these cities. Therefore, by pure hope, force, and pressure I hope to help slow down the real estate scam perpetrated on rich gringos.

I have there full time workers now, we can easily put on five to ten more. The sad part is just when many things come together; the money is taking a downturn. I actually made more money during this recession, and after it is ending, the money from the sites is receding.

I am not worried, it is just a big game, and I am good at this game, been doing if for a long time, just a normal business cycle.

I will go to Puerto Rico for two days, come back and spend one more month in Sosua, then to the USA, after that maybe Guatemala or the Philippines.

Cabarete was a Let Down Today