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Buying a Plane Ticket Guilt Travel Tip

Buying a Plane Ticket Guilt Travel Tip
My Thailand Girlfriend just changed her Cebu Pacific Airline ticket to fly from Clark to Bangkok on August 15, 2009, it cost here 3000 plus Baht.

She said,
“I feel bad because I find cheap price, and now I destroy my success in the past.”

Vigan, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I said,
“How many years have I traveled?”

She says,

“Do I feel guilty when I purchase a plane ticket?”
I say,
“Yes, I do, every single time.”
“I always know I can could have done it better.”

We need to stay stupid, naïve and accepting, the Airlines are truly out to make us feel stupid and guilty, it is their ploy. If you feel smart, I would say you truly do not understand. There goal is to get you so frustrated you just say yes and stop thinking. Keep thinking, keep trying, guilt is a natural process, you are not stupid, they are jerks.

Buying a Plane Ticket Guilt Travel Tip


I tried my best to get her to buy a ticket from Laoag, Philippines, whereby we could go north to the tip and find this so-called Boracay of the North Luzon or something. Then come down to Laoag and fly with Cebu Pacific to Bangkok. Now, I have a 10 hour bus trip to Angeles where at age 53 i am one of the youngest people in the city.

I keep saying Girl in Tow, and now I truly know why they tow the girls. She cannot understand my English and I cannot explain, therefore I must tow her along when I know she does not understand. I wish I could be controlling. I do not think she understood the cost breakdown. The cost of a bus to Angeles or Clark will cost more for the both of us, money was here decision and probably a bad one. She paid for her ticket, not much I can do but be supportive.

I go to Angeles and anyway I do it, I am guilty by association. It is humorous to me, I truly do not mind, I accepted many years ago that readers were not critical readers, could not understand written language and needed pictures.

Nothing more depressing on Planet Earth than sitting around in a Bar with fat old Americans without a life, and feeling young at 53 and wondering why I am talking with them... hehehe

Fun Crap, the only redeeming feature is I have learn more about WW II from these old old old old and fat fat fat ugly ugly ugly men. Like talking to warts and expecting an answer.

Fun stuff and allows you Chuck to feed the fires of gossip and I am powerless to figure out how to stop, and the more you gossip, the more you say, the more money I make...because two things will always sell, booze and broads, they are recession proof.


Hello Frugal,
My Thailand girlfriend said here in Vigan,
- It looks like you are the first white guy to enter this city -

We saw a couple more, there is nobody here in Vigan, it is depressing, nothing to do, went to the Playa de Oro Hotel, what a Hole, and they want 1100 pesos while the Guidebook says 700.

I called it the Playa de Roca, the beach of Rocks, my Thailand girlfriend who is tolerant or anything said she is happy, Thailand is 100 times nicer.

Went to the Tourist Information office here, they said mainly tourist here are Taiwan, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, very few Europeans or Americans.

Hard to find a place to fit in unless you go to Angeles, and if you fit in there, life is really a question mark. I am not ex military, the majority of Americans in Baguio were ex USA military.

I think the problem is Backpacker do not fit in here, they are working against the grain. I make my 100 dollars per day, I can afford to live anywhere on the planet. I do not need to go cheap, so I am capable of paying the tab to enjoy.

However, I do know the Philippines has tons of great places, tons of things to see if can avoid stepping in the mud puddles, it takes me my 11 years of experience to avoid them.. I know the rest of the BackPackers are stepping in them, this is great place for a man, not so good for a women.
Andy in Vigan 2009