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Buying a Plane Ticket Guilt Travel Tip

Buying a Plane Ticket Guilt Travel Tip
My Thailand Girlfriend just changed her Cebu Pacific Airline ticket to fly from Clark to Bangkok on August 15, 2009, it cost here 3000 plus Baht.

She said,
“I feel bad because I find cheap price, and now I destroy my success in the past.”

Vigan, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I said,
“How many years have I traveled?”

She says,

“Do I feel guilty when I purchase a plane ticket?”
I say,
“Yes, I do, every single time.”
“I always know I can could have done it better.”

We need to stay stupid, naïve and accepting, the Airlines are truly out to make us feel stupid and guilty, it is their ploy. If you feel smart, I would say you truly do not understand. There goal is to get you so frustrated you just say yes and stop thinking. Keep thinking, keep trying, guilt is a natural process, you are not stupid, they are jerks.

Buying a Plane Ticket Guilt Travel Tip