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Buy Travel Gear in Medical Supply Shops

People need to stop sleeping in Travel Gear shops; there is tons of great travel gear to be found in strange places.

Doctor Jeff W., one of my favorite Travel companions, we were together in India, Mongolia and China, after we met in Mexico and Ecuador. What does he do, leave me to travel and he goes off to become a Doctor.
Jeff in Mongolia

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, March 2, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Stainless Steel Scissors, almost like the ones I have carried now for three years, and can be purchased in Medical Supply stores. Why, because these scissors do not rust, a better type of scissors for your backpack. I do not carry a Swiss Knife, just inconvenient to use, and when you use for Peanut Butter difficult to clean, plus people steal them.

Jeff Pointed at Three Medical Supply Sites

"The one I use the most is:"

Maybe try these two:

Possible Products to Use
Here are some ideas of products a person can purchase in a medical supply shop:

1. Scissors
2. First Aid Kits
3. Stretch Band for exercise, used for Physical Therapy.
4. Toilet Seat covers for those people that hover. (Refuse to sit)
5. Alcohol Wipe for cleaning.
6. Hand Cleaner
7. Rubber Gloves
8. Plastic Bottles that do not leak.
9. Shoe Inserts
10. Nasal Irrigation for Travelers with Sinus Problems

The best Travel Gear helps you to live well, not to be a gear head carrying around expensive items because they are trendy.

Jeff is a travel addict, presently in remission; I suspect he will one day understand Doctors without Borders up close and personal.

Buy Travel Gear in Medical Supply Shops