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Business Trip to Dominican Republic

I need high speed Internet access, our traffic on Hobo Traveler has dropped by 30 percent because of an update by Google, I need to make huge downloads and uploads.

Mobile Office Dominican Republic

I need an Mobile Office with these benefits.

1. Live for 500 Dollars per month.
2. Unlimited High-speed Internet access in my room.
3. Private Room
4. Internet in my Hotel or Apartment.
5. Stable electricity, food, and quality of life.

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My List of Possible Countries

1. Thailand
2. Philippines
3. Dominican Republic
4. Guatemala
5. Peru

Ghana, West Africa --- Tuesday, April 19, 2011
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile

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Cheapest to Expensive
The cost of room per night:

1. Guatemala - 6 USD
2. Dominican Republic 8.5 USD
3. Thailand 8.5 USD
4. Peru 10 USD
5. Philippines 15 USD

There are so many variables; however being in the same time zone of the USA is a huge benefit. I am going the DR because the I can rent studio apartment by the month for 250 USD with a kitchen, stove and fridge, one the truly cheap places to live are willing to cook your own food.

I will go to Guatemala after the Dominican Republic; a company has hired me to take photos of Mosquito Nets.

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Plane Ticket Printing
I can search for tickets in Ghana; I cannot buy a ticket online. I tagged my friend Mark in the USA to help me purchase two tickets.

Accra to Brussels: 740 USD
Brussels to Puerta Plata, DR: 165 Euros.

For about 900 USD and I am in the Dominican Republic.

When I get to the results page after buying a plane ticket, I use this free PDF printing program to print the confirmation. I can e-mail a PDF copy of the ticket to friends, family quickly. I truly recommend you learn to use a PDF print function, this makes record keeping easy.

Business Trip to Dominican Republic


Terrific! Know you will not 'retire' unless you have health issues in the future, had an Uncle who worked until 82 years old, still working in Guatemala at Sugar Mill, had a heart attack, I am over 60, minor health issues, keep active and exercise, just one day at a time anyway, cannot predict what will happen exactly tommorow, best of luck!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know your observations on the 'new' Panajachel after you arrive, otherwise, I made friends in Guatemala, friends for life, saludos