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Business Trip to Dominican Republic

2011-04-19 03:06:48

I need high speed Internet access, our traffic on Hobo Traveler has dropped by 30 percent because of an update by Google, I need to make huge downloads and uploads.

Mobile Office Dominican Republic

I need an Mobile Office with these benefits.

1. Live for 500 Dollars per month.
2. Unlimited High-speed Internet access in my room.
3. Private Room
4. Internet in my Hotel or Apartment.
5. Stable electricity, food, and quality of life.

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My List of Possible Countries

1. Thailand
2. Philippines
3. Dominican Republic
4. Guatemala
5. Peru

Ghana, West Africa --- Tuesday, April 19, 2011
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile

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Cheapest to Expensive
The cost of room per night:

1. Guatemala - 6 USD
2. Dominican Republic 8.5 USD
3. Thailand 8.5 USD
4. Peru 10 USD
5. Philippines 15 USD

There are so many variables; however being in the same time zone of the USA is a huge benefit. I am going the DR because the I can rent studio apartment by the month for 250 USD with a kitchen, stove and fridge, one the truly cheap places to live are willing to cook your own food.

I will go to Guatemala after the Dominican Republic; a company has hired me to take photos of Mosquito Nets.

"Everyone who works for you is a volunteer. Their circumstances may mean they have to "show up," but great attitude, performance always voluntary."
--Tom Peters
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Plane Ticket Printing
I can search for tickets in Ghana; I cannot buy a ticket online. I tagged my friend Mark in the USA to help me purchase two tickets.

Accra to Brussels: 740 USD
Brussels to Puerta Plata, DR: 165 Euros.

For about 900 USD and I am in the Dominican Republic.

When I get to the results page after buying a plane ticket, I use this free PDF printing program to print the confirmation. I can e-mail a PDF copy of the ticket to friends, family quickly. I truly recommend you learn to use a PDF print function, this makes record keeping easy.

Business Trip to Dominican Republic