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Busia Kenya

2009-04-28 22:16:06

Busia Kenya
Busia Kenya is a huge city, there are many Hotels, from large ones to small ones, I am in the excellent Shark Lodge for 300 Shillings right along the road leading to the border. I suppose a person needs to tell the van to drop you off; however, there are Boda bike taxis for 20 Shilling that will take you back from the bus stop.

Busia, Kenya
East Africa
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This Shark Lodge, I am trying to get BlackBerry ready, so I can submit all these Hotels easily.

300 Shilling is about four US Dollars, and much better than the Blue York Lodge, that cost 1300 Shilling where all the NGO’s are staying and ten times easier to find, plus there is parking.

The trip from Siaya to Busia was easy, the road was mud; however, the scenery was great, it felt as if there were distant mountains in Uganda and I was traveling towards them.

I will cross the border this morning, I anticipate this taking about one hour, then there is a 63-mile trip from Busia to Jinja, I am guessing within three to four hours from the time I leave the hotel I will be in Jinja.

Reading the guidebook give me a panic attack, it reads as if I am going to a tourist trap. They talk about whitewater rafting, bungie jumping, this and that however, no true information on the Nile, just tourist crap.

My present plan is to stop in Jinja, say hello to the Nile River, then jump all the way to Mubende hopefully skipping Kampala and skipping any tourist if possible.


I am having fun, the noise of saying UGANDA, AFRICA sounds in my mind, like it is somehow a rigorous trip and life is difficult. 135 Miles or four hours in a bus is as about as easy as life get for a traveler, the biggest problem is the smell of people. So far East Africans are not good at bathing, the Frenchie West Africans were very good, these boys and girls a pigs in comparison.

The phrase, “You look like you did not shower,” does not apply in Africa, whether they shower or do not shower, they look the same. Only the clothes are different and they do change very four or five days.

Busia Kenya