Bus San Fernando to Angeles City Philippines

Bus San Fernando to Angeles City Philippines
We walked out of the Bali Hai EAST, not Bali Hai Hotel and flagged down a bus passing on the road with a sign in the window. “Cubao Manila.” That took a half hour, then sat another five hours to go 107 miles, this is crazy, and we averaging about 20 miles per hours in the Philippines.

107 Miles took us Five hours.

It takes five hours of travel time and about an hour on each end, so from Hotel door to Hotel door is at least seven hours.

WARNING - Wear long pants, jacket and maybe carry a blanket on any bus in the Philippines, it is possible you will freeze to death. The air conditioners are often weirdly cold.

The Philippines is a never-ending city alongside a two-lane highway, there is no way to go faster, the tricycle taxis, jeepneys, and general traffic goes at 20 miles per hour. You are traveling as fast as a Tricycle Taxi, that is about top speed.

We must have passed 300 cars, trucks or motorcycle taxis; in a private car or shuttle, you are a candidate for a head on collision. I personally believe my seat on a huge bus is safest.

Bauang or San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Monday, August 17, 2009


DOMINION from Bauang to Angeles City
244 Pesos one-way from with Dominion Bus lines from Bauang to Dau. This small city is really part of Angeles City, then you need to take a Tricycle Taxi for about 100-150 Peso to your hotel, good luck….
- Froze on this bus

PARTAS from Angeles City (Dau) to Bauang or San Fernando
250 Peso for a Partas Bus from the Dau or Angeles City to Bauang, just say you are getting off at Bali Hai, they all seem to know the place.
- Baked or cooked on this bus.

You are not going to Clark or Angeles City; you are actually going to the Dau Bus Station, which is just a part of the never-ending city of Angeles City.

We went to the Airport, I cannot tell you an easy way to get to the airport, it was a Charlie Foxtrot, we ended up hitching in, and I hitched out. There was no public transportation leaving the airport when I needed to leave, I walked out, a couple of security guards picket me up, ask me 350, I gave them 100 and I was back in Angeles City.

Bus San Fernando to Angeles City Philippines


Andy, if you think it boring or tedious riding a bus in traffic its worse for me as Im driving most of the time but its all a matter of acceptance and also choosing the time of day to drive as there are windows with lighter traffic. In the nearby Coastal Mall on Sunday afternoon I learned NEVER to go shopping on Sunday as I waited in the check-out line OVER an hour. Anyway my spirits are higher now and I get less frustrated now then when I was younger 3 one liners I use as mantras are, time will tell , Its only money, one day at a time ( which you are familiar with already as a reformed alchy ). Ciao for now, Bill