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Bus Kabanga to Kahama Tanzania

2009-05-30 07:34:48

Bus Kabanga to Kahama Tanzania
I paid for a bus to Lusahunga and ended up in Kahama, Tanzania. The bus left at 6:00 am and arrived in Kahama at 11:30, the normal African bus, holds about 50 people, however they loaded it up with 75.

I am guessing, I did not count, there was people standing for hours, I was very glad I was one of the first to enter the bus, a person always needs to take care and not pay for a ticket until you see a seat.

Kahama, Tanzania
East Africa
Friday, May 29, 2009


The bus did not stop at Lusahunga, and I kept asking if we was in Lusahunga, they wanted me to get out about 30 kilometers after Lusahunga and I told them they was crazy. I ended up going all the way to Kahama, again they wanted me to pay and I again told them they were crazy. If I would have got out of the bus, it would have taken hours to return, and to where, a dust spot intersection. Tanzania so far is an ugly country, not the best of East Africa.

What they also did not tell me, the bus to Mwanza also goes to Kahama, anyway you do it, a person goes to Kahama.

10,000 Tanzania Shillings or about 7.50 Dollars, truly a horrible trip through scrub tree and grass Africa.

I am never sure if this an Islamic guy or just a guy that likes this type of hat, he was collecting money.

There was a refugee camp just after we left Banaka at the Tanzania-Rwanda border, I have no idea why there are refugees, seems like a welfare camp to me. The UNHCR United Nations High Commission for Refugees will define someone a refugee for 50 years and pay them to remain that way.

Adobe hut in Tanzania, it is hard to say which country is poorer Tanzania or Burundi. The people of Tanzania appear to be crap farmers, while the Burundi people were good at it. I would say the better place to live is Burundi so far. Tanzania seems to be a large vacant lot with rolling hills with very little to admire.

Bus Kabanga to Kahama Tanzania

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