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Bus 34 Nairobi Kenya Airport

Bus 34 Nairobi Kenya Airport
I am flying to BKK Bangkok, Thailand whoopee, no Macho crap for a month or two.

I am doing my best to avoid the big cities on planet Earth, to me there is little redeeming value unless you are a millionaire on an unlimited budget. I am predicting that as time passes tourist will learn there is no substantial reason to even sleep in large airport cities and will book their trip all the way to the final destinations 90 percent instead of the 10 percent of the time now.

Maybe they can insert a section in Guidebooks,
“Quick Escape Routes from Cities.”

Bus 34, goes to the Ambassador Hotel in Nairobi for 50 Shillings, then very easily you can take Moline Prestige Vans about two blocks away for 350 Shillings to Nakuru and skip Nairobi.

What would you skip? Gorgeous women, traffic jams and people constantly warning you that Nairobi is dangerous.

A person needs to take a taxi if they arrive at night, the cost should be between 1000 and 2000 Shillings, 15-30 Dollars and an exorbitant amount of money for a poor country, the same ride in Bangkok would cost me about 200 Baht or 6 Dollars.

Nairobi, Kenya
East Africa
Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Bus 34, stops at one end of the circle drive of Airport and goes to the Ambassador Hotel towards the center of Nairobi.

I asked a woman behind me on the bus,
“If I flew back into Nairobi could I take bus 34 back to the Ambassador Hotel?”
She said,
“You should take a taxi.”
I asked,
“Doesn’t the bus go back to the Ambassador Hotel?”
She says,
“Why can’t I take the bus back to the Hotel?”
Then she got more intuitive and said,
“It is dangerous for you to take at night.”

Long story, however anyone and everyone say Nairobi is dangerous during the night and a person should not walk. It is rather sad, the area around the Ambassador Hotel is beautiful, landscaped boulevard and the road out of the city to Nakuru is perfect.

It took me 2 hours to go the 90 miles from Nakuru, this normally would have taken about 4 hours, however the Bus was good and I lucked out and found the 10 passenger no stop Moline Prestige Van. However, as normal it was too stupid for words, they told me there was a van at 5:30, and however it did not leave until 6:30. I was also told the traffic jam would take make it a two hour trip to the Airport.

Jam is on everyone lips, they told me often, the Travel Agent said I had to leave at 6:00 am to get to the airport by 1:00, however I am not here at 10:00 and have a five hour wait for the plane. Trust me, I do not care, I do not miss planes just to save an hour or two of waiting, I error on the side of caution.

Try to imagine how much time is involved, lost or wasted when a person misses a plane.

Bus 34 Nairobi Kenya Airport