Burnham Lake Park

Burnham Lake Park
Baguio, Philippines has a lake in the center of the city; if you walk down hill from Session road, it would be hard to miss Burnham Park and the Lake. Session Road is the center of everything in Baguio; it is the starting point of all understanding of this large city, find Session road on the Map.

I said large, because we took a taxi for 100 Pesos to La Trinidad a city 2-3 kilometer north the other day and never left the city

Baguio is destined to become a megalopolis, one of the targets of immigration. Presently the people of the world are moving to the city, and off course, they must choose a city, Baguio is one of the chosen cities in the Philippines.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This is the lake in the center of Burnham Park, a family place; I suspect a good place to girl watch.

I would recommend you walk down Session Road, buy some cheap bread, walk to this park, sit and watch the Philippine culture it is the better half.


There is an intangible, untouchable quality about Philippines girls and young people this can maybe be explained with these Duck Boats. Philippines people are playful, they say yes sir, hello sir, they can be extra ordinarily polite. It is difficult to explain, hard to touch, I can walk by 10 staff workers in the hotel and not one will say hello, they may never start a conversation. I can try to buy something and they will say no, they do not have it and I am looking right at it, there is no desire to work.

This is a no win situation for me, however the Philippines culture is childlike, best appreciated when you treat the people like children. Do not expect too much, do not hope for them to be responsible, however if you wanted to go ride on a Duck Boat, this is the perfect culture to share the ride.

There is a balancing act that needs to be done in the Philippines; you need to take a triple dose of Duck Boats daily and one dose of reality here to enjoy the country. This is not the place to do business, it is nuts, way over the edge crazy, the Philippines is a cultural amusement park. Take your triple dose of Duck Boats and keep your mouth shut, not an easy thing for me to do.

Burnham Lake Park