Budget Travel Map to Havana Cuba

2009-12-16 05:47:47

The cheap way to visit Cuba is an all-inclusive trip originating from Cancun, Mexico or Toronto, Canada. However if you are sitting in Guatemala, or Mexico and happen upon a round-trip ticket to Cuba for less than 300 Dollars, you may appreciate this map.

Havana Habana Cuba Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Centro Habana
By Andres Hidalgo with editing
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Zone 1:
Very few tourists, a place where the Moneda National is easy to spend. The costs of room are from 20-30 CUC, this does not change much.

Zone 2:
Probably the best place to live, an easy walk to the Central Park, but far enough way you will not be accosted by Cubans trying to hook you into something nefarious.

Zone 3:
Half Casas Particulares and half Hotels, this area is hopping, full off action, but also full of temptations to spend money. The CUC is common here; it becomes increasingly difficult to use Moneda Nacional.

Zone 4:
Parque Central, the middle of action in Havana, the place to be if you are a tourist, have the money and want to live in, looking out. The Hotel Inglaterra is the center; the Hotel Parque Central is modern and has internet, truly pay and play.

Zone 5:
Habana Vieja, I do not know, there are probably some Casas Particulares in this area, and some Tourist Hotels,

You can live in any of these areas easy for 25 CUC per night; the advantage for a budget traveler is cultural. If you want to see and feel Cuban people, than Zone 1 is the optimal.

How to go budget?

Walk into a “Cadeca,” a place where you exchange money, called a Casa de Cambio. Not in a Hotel, but on any side street area, there are many, change your money for “Moneda National.” Use or spend only this money, I will personally guarantee you will be on a cheap budget. When you are tempted to spend CUC, you know you are over budget.

99 percent of tourist come here to just enjoy the Architecture, take photos, go to a few Cabaret type shows and try to find women 1 percent are learning Spanish, find a boyfriend, girlfriend, then jump in and try to understand why there is two types of money.

If a person is talking in CUC, this is a tourist, if they are talking in Moneda Nacional; they are putting their finger on understanding Cuba. If you are told, I cannot use Moneda Nacional, then you are talking with the silly and clueless.

50 US Dollars per day should pay for room and food, it there are two of you; the price of a room stays the same, and truly the best way to save money.

Budget Travel Map to Havana Cuba

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