Buddhist vs. Islamic Architecture

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Buddhist vs. Islamic Architecture
Religion is about marketing, they make sure they brand their product well; normally there is some noise involved.

Bangkok, Thailand
Khao San Road - Center of Backpacker Universe
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I see one of these curly things, I think Buddhist.

Buddhist Architecture, there are some noisemakers inside that thing.

The Buddhist Monks have the most beautiful building in Thailand, often just outside the gate is some other world.

I took this photo in Kericho, Kenya when I see something that looks like this; I again look around for the noisemaker. I believe this is Islamic, strangely, it was a little vague and questionable, and however normally religions are not a problem to identify.

Are all religions noisy?

Do you know the name of these architectural features?

Buddhist vs. Islamic Architecture


I will grant you that every religion I can think of has distinct features to their archecture, but I dont think they are all noisy. I am LDS (Latter Day Saint) and I have yet to hear a peep from the temple when I walk the grounds.

Motorcycle Bob

Mormon Tabernacle Choir ???

(just joking)

Bob L,


Hadnt thought of that...Touche! :)