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Broadband Connection at Home

My home today is in San Pedro, Guatemala on Lake Atitlan. The term broadband connection infers that we have a great connection. When I read broadband connection on a sign, I know there is hope, then best to test the connection.

I am testing my new Tigo Modem today, a cellular network internet connection all over the country of Guatemala.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Monday, April 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Tigo is the company Comcel
What is the best broadband connection at home? I believe the future is these thumb drive chips that have the software on them, you plug them into the USB port of your computer, the software load, and you have a connection.

Connection Interface for Tigo
I am not sure why, but you should always connect to the internet with five bars. Alternatively, disconnect and try again with five bars, the signal strength when you connect, the handshake established is better with the five bar connection.

I paid 400 Quetzals to get started with the cell phone modem.
75 for the modem
325 for the first month.
8 GIGS of transfer maybe that is just up or down I am not sure.

How do I reload, I am not sure, I think I can put the SIM card into a telephone, then buy 325 Q of time and load onto the SIM, but I am not sure, I will cross that bridge in a month.

Map of the Tigo or Comcel Coverage in Guatemala GSM as of 2010, this will increase, and normally underdeveloped countries have better cell phone coverage than the USA.

Guatemala GSM
GSM, Edge, 3g, 4g, etc… does not mean much, but a couple of terms to know, even though they mean almost nothing is GSM. If I search for Guatemala GSM, I was able to find the map above, and learn how many companies serve Guatemala.

If you want to know the names of cell phone companies available in Guatemala, search in Google for Guatemala GSM, if you were in Honduras, probably search for Honduras GSM. Then hopefully you have a list of companies, in the end, I ask three or four locals what phone system they use, and go with the winner.

Testing Broadband Connection at Home
How do I test an internet connection all over the planet, I try to make either a Yahoo Messenger call or a call.

Mom and Dad
That call you received on Wednesday morning was a test call, trying to see if that white thing plugged into my computer above works as an internet connection. I had to wait for you to get off your dial up connection to call you… hmmm

Well, Mom and Dad are using the phone, so I called directory assistance in the USA:
Area Code - 555 1212
Skype Ready Number: +12605551212

Yes, I can talk on Skype, however Tigo is a little weak, I may need move my mobile office or home to have a better broadband connection at home. I think I need to find the local cell tower and get a room whereby the window of the hotel is looking at the cell phone tower; I need a line of sight connection.

How will the world have a broadband connection in five years, I believe everyone will have either a USB cellular network internet connection with a chip, or the chip will be integrated into the computer. I believe I could buy a USB extension cord and put the chip out the window for a better connection.

I check my e-mails using my Verizon Smartphone and delete, then I connect with the Tigo Modem using the computer to type this journal post. I then send with a proprietary content management system we made, and publish the photos using WS FTP.

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Broadband Connection at Home