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Brett Conrad Birthday is January 23

I received a Yahoo Birthday Reminder telling me Brett Conrad is having a birthday. However, let me think, January 28, 2010 will be the 10th year of

Brett died in 2007

Thank you Brett, I owe you.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Wednesday, January 20, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

Before Boy Genius from India, there was Brett Conrad, another coder trying to drive me crazy, full of clarity and confusion, a religious kid full of dreams. He grew up, got married, and had a child while sharing our friendship.

This is Business
I am never sure what that means; I think my business is personal. I do not have workers, I have friends. Unfortunately, many workers never become friends, this is the inherent problem. I respected Brett, he was a person I am happy to call friend.

Say hello to the good Gods Brett, I am doing my best to avoid talking up close and personal.

Andy Graham the

I know many of you are thinking about Haiti, Brett is real, it would be better to say hello to your real friends, donate to them your time.

Brett Conrad Birthday is January 23