Brag About Your 200 Dollars Per Month Room

Brag About Your 200 Dollars Per Month Room

It appears that extremely smart people do not want to brag, but they should, I am positive the stupid people do, it is starting to truly annoy me, come on smart people, come out and tell us the truth.

I normally live in great rooms, I am guilty of having rooms that look this good, and for some reason I do not tell readers about them.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Saturday, June 19, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Reasons I do not Brag About Room Prices

1. It tells readers they are stupid, and they paid too much.
2. My Mother does not want me to be a braggart.
3. Readers do not believe me.
4. I have this hidden fear, that if I told readers, they would come and fill up all the rooms and I would not be able to return. I know this is wrong, they just refuse to believe.
5. There is this USA cultural thing, that bragging about paying a lot of money makes you appear rich, prosperous and successful, so I have in the past shown pictures, but not always the price.

6. People try to shame me, try to make fun, try to insinuate I am cheap, I know I am the smart one, but it takes a lot of work to fend off the idiots.
7. There is an overwhelming amount of scam internet pages, trying to say that 10 times the amount of money being paid is needed. I call this the "Bigger Pile of Bullshit Theory." Often weigh things by quantity, and that is the problem.
8. I do not want to answer the questions from people, if I advertise the cheap prices, suddenly everyone is asking and can be annoying.

9. No place to tell the world, no way to easily share the information. Generally, I do not want to share information with just one person, I think good ideas need shared with the room.
10. The best rooms are not advertised, they do not need to be, they are the best value, and they rent without a need for advertisement.
11. It makes me smart, to know I can always get a great room, often I just like the feeling of being smarter than others, and do not feel compelled to share that feeling, or allow others to catch up with me.
12. People want to glamorize, the adventure, the challenge, and romance the thing, if we say we live in luxury, we minimize what could sometimes be called an adventurous lifestyle, but I know the truth, there is adventure, but seldom inside my room, except maybe with girls that look like the picture above, the adventure is outside the room, I live in great rooms.
13. I sometime for kicks show you truly bad rooms, this is a bad habit of mine, I think they are funny, but they are not normal, I stay in these rooms for one night, not for one month, when I get a room for one month it is a fantastic room.
The reason I created was to make a place for people to share their great ideas and rooms, this is the site I want, the type of Hotel site I need, no way to hide behind crap, it is an effort to show all the good rooms, no playing games.

Now, please brag about your great rooms, tell me the city, and the name of the travel room, and how much you paid, please to do not tell me anything over 200 Dollars per month, more than that is normally a bad deal.

Please tell me about the best room you ever had for under 200 dollars per month, the when, where, why, how, how much…

I am staying in the Hotel San Antonio for 6 dollars per night in San Pedro, Guatamala on Lake Atitlan, WIFI, Balcony, truly top end, flowers around the balcony with a hammock, color TV with Cable.

Brag About Your 200 Dollars Per Month Room


Energetic people who are excited and enthusiastic about the story they are sharing and about the life they are living often are judged by others as bragging. I learned that most people don't welcome such stories being shared as they lead to depressed moodiness by those who listen but think to themselves that such a life is impossible for any number of excuses. Americans, especially are impressed with one's physical possessions like a huge house, new car, gold and diamond jewelry etc etc. If one has $10 million in liquid assets but drives an old car and lives in a humble house nobody would think much of the person.

But posting the image of such a hottie is a far more effective method of seeking envy from "the room" than posting images of a monthly rental room one can call, "home" at U$200 or less / month. People are full of FEAR of the unknown and hesitant to pack up and leave any place they have lived for a number of years. Showing such people a image of a homey, spacious room is NOT enough to get them to fight their fear and get UP and GO but the image of the "hottie" is mens' hormones are VERY dependable and are directly responsible for many of their decisions throughout their lives.


This is a from Women from Sports Illustrated Bikini Issues.