Boracay Philippines Bypass Manila

Boracay Philippines Bypass Manila
The world of Tourism is changing fast with the internet, I can fly with from Bangkok for between 100-150 U.S. Dollars one-way which is about half the price of Philippines Air. I do not need to stay in Manila.

I briefly explained in East Africa that I was bypassing Nairobi, Kenya, as I did not see any reason to stop in this city. I see no reason to stop in large cities on the way to better destinations, the world has changed, and it is time for all of us to change.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009


The kicker is this, I can stop in Manila and stay at the Malate Pensionne. I would pay 750 Peso and stay in a fan room with no WIFI or I can continue onto Boracay and pay 600 for a Fan room in the
The Orchids Resort with WIFI, etc and so on, and so forth.

I know the Malate area of Manila, I have a few good friends there, however, if this were my first time to the Philippines, I would surely skip the place.

I need to sit in one place, one hotel, and think, relax, work on my websites and give my back a break. However, who knows, I may decide to go somewhere less touristy; I am getting panicky just thinking about the tourist Island of Boracay.

Boracay Philippines Bypass Manila


I always make a fake ticket or have a travel agent send one.

I told the guy at check in.

I go to Dubai on August 2nd with Emerates. He wanted to see the ticketa, I said it was in my computer.

It was there.

A friend sent me an Emerates eticket and I changed it I MS Frontpage or my email client. I save all e tickets for future fake use.

The airlines cares. Immigration did not. Cebu Air or Philippines air wants to sell the ticket.

I was going to print the e ticket.
I did not, I wrote the code on piece of paper. He asked me for my ticket.
All that should be needed is passort and maybe the stupid code.

I was training the check on guy. Thos passenger does not use a printer.

I make many fake tickets. I learned in Carribean where tourism sucks.
Andy in Manila


Hello Tom the Okie,

I am in moral dilemma with this issue, I do not like to encourage readers to break the law or rules of a country. I on the other hand know that rules like this one are often set up for corrupt reasons.

I want a person from India who flies into the USA to have a real return ticket, although I truly do not care of a Brit has one.

Too many people break rules or laws instead of doing the work, I am not breaking this law to avoid work. I am breaking it for the same reason you are, I want to leave when I leave, not when my ticket says I must leave.