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Blow Nose Daily Travel Tip

Travelers encounter new dust, irritants, pollens and who-know-whats that cause our noses to become stuffed up. Travelers and Tourist need to blow their nose daily to be comfortable and happy.

There are dust mites, TMI, this is Too Much Information, but something about these little buggies makes your nose clog up, maybe it is dust, allergies, blame it on the wind, but there is something in the world happening, and your blocked nose is the symptom of the problem.

I am not a whiner, it took me years to learn this, and I can ignore discomfort until the cows come home.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, February 16, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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My Nose is Uncomfortable
I was sitting in bed one day in some country many moons ago, I thought to myself, my nose is clogged, I cannot breath. I also snore, at least I am told, I am always asleep when I am snoring, so I am not available to observe. I realized, I need to blow my nose, now I try to remember to do this daily.

There must be 1000’s of reason why a nose become plugged up, but there is only a couple of natural ways of un-clogging it.

Blowing Your Nose

1. Toilet paper with one nostril at a time.
2. Hold one nostril and point, not for the weak a culture.

Not Natural

Any type of sinus medicine, and for sure I do not want to open this pull-the-thread explanation of medical solutions. There are again many many many types of pills, sprays, powder, steams, mist makers, and other almost quaky solutions. I think the majority of people could just use a placebo and get I over with…

Bottom line, when you are a perpetual traveler, if you become a professional travel, the air, room, ecosystem you live in is going to change, your nose will know.

Blow you nose in the morning and maybe you will stop whining, but I doubt it.

Blow Nose Daily Travel Tip


Hi Andy,
I suffer from allergies, especially to pollen and spores, and used to be asthmatic. I made 2 important discoveries when I was travelling in India/ Nepal.

first, you can rub a small amount of vaseline on the insides of your nostrils at the start of the day, this will help to catch allergens. I think vaseline is one of the most useful items for travel, I am trying to come up with 101 uses.

second, aerosol deodorants are bad. I realised when I came back from Asia that I hadn't really suffered from asthma at all when I was there. This suprised me a lot, because places like Mumbai and Delhi are very polluted, and also I was being quite active, including at high altitudes. These things should have made it difficult for me to breathe.

I have always known my asthma is linked to hayfever/ allergies, so I wondered if the plant life in Asia was not affecting me in the same way as at home. When I got home, my asthma symptoms returned.

I drew up a long list of all the variables between my life 'on the road' and my life in the UK to try and determine a cause. What I came up with was this: when I was travelling, I used a gel-stick type deodorant instead of an aerosol spray that I used at home. After some experimentation, I switched permanently to roll-on type deodorants, and now avoid aerosols. I have not had an asthma symptom since then, except when I am in environments where others have recently used an aerosol, but they are less severe.

I did not reach nirvana in Asia, but I did make an important discovery!


Ash, this is great, I never thought about aerosol sprays causing problems. I only use insect killer, sometimes spray insect repellent. Adding particulate matter to the air by sprays is a problem. Dust, Dust and more dust in some countries.