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I am jealous of BloggingHeads.TV site, I am openly envious, and I want Hobo to have this dual TV feature. I want to interview people I admire, whereby I can emulate them better. I try my best to copy from the best, before I think I am smart.

Look at this TV thingy, sort of an out of the box view of life, I enjoy it is enough to say, it is interestingly pompous, they make me think.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, February 14, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Below is an example of, watch these two American girls for kicks, give the site a lick, maybe a taste, and you can understand why American Women are not on my short list. Better yet, go their site, pick, and choose, they are a different voice than normal TV, and this makes me listen, instead of tuning them out.

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Slap the Owners
I want to slap the owners of the site, I want to them to explain to me clearly, simply and without any confusion, how they do these interviews.

Sometimes they people have telephone in their hands, sometimes the have computer headsets.

This is the future, better get prepared now, the typing is going to end.