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BlackBerry Backs Up My WIFI Connection

BlackBerry Backs Up my WIFI Connection
Travel Tip

The internet connection here in the Hotel has been down for about 36 hours. My Thailand girlfriend has been using my computer to type Tagalog words into a database. My Thailand girlfriend has been using my computer to write emails to her mother, chatting with friends, aagh; I am sharing my computer and internet connection.

URGENT, I need an internet connection now! Janelle, an Advertising Broker wrote me an email yesterday,
“We have a person who wants to advertise on your sites.”

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, July 31, 2009


Whose turn is it to use the computer?

I am sharing that stupid rock called a computer with another person. However with the BlackBerry by Verizon, I can still check my Emails, do minor surfing and read CNN, BBC, and all the other ways the news is misrepresented.

NOW, please, I want to request my readers to GROW UP and get your head out of the box. I know the minute I say Verizon your ability to think stops, you are mad as hell at Verizon because they make you pay a monthly telephone fee, you cannot be grateful for what they do give you.

Nobody is grateful for Telephone Bills, Water Bills, Cable Bills and Electric Bills until they do not have Telephone, Water, Cable and Telephone.

GROW up and get your head out of your A…………
(I can say this, I am the writer, and you say it and I delete your comment.)

The world is not fair, except it, and get on with it.

Today, if I did not have the Verizon BlackBerry Storm Global Data connection I would have to walk in the rain here in Baguio, Philippines, and search for an internet café. It would take me about 2-3 hours of jacking around in Baguio to respond to a request to advertise on my sites, post this report and walk or take a Jeepney or Taxi back. It would cost me about five USA dollars to get this urgent word done, get a life, having the BlackBerry Data connection that works in 177 countries is the Eighth Travel Wonder of my life.

I am annoyed with all countries on a daily basis; this BlackBerry Storm by Verizon has removed one of the reasons to never leave home. I have tripled or quadrupled my ability to stay connected.

Most of you cannot be without your wife, your job, your family for half a day without checking in, this connection allows you to feel safe. Truly most of you do not realize how insecure you would become if you did not make contact with your friends and family every day.

Check out Travel Writers in Africa, they are lucky if they write one time a week, I did it every day.

Try to live without a telephone, internet connection, news report, television for a week. This is travel on 80 percent of planet earth, and truly Europe and the USA are more difficult than here to find a connection if you do not live in one place.

Go look for an internet café in your USA city, is there one? All those Japanese people on Greyhound are truly annoyed.

Hmm, I sent Boy Genius in India five jobs to do today with my BlackBerry, the bottom line, I am still in business. I am not on vacation, I am traveling enjoying the planet while you are tied to your life, an indentured servant of the culture.

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BlackBerry Backs Up my WIFI Connection


High Priority to low
1. I will make more money.
2. That is how I talk.
3. It keeps new readers aware of the whole story.
4. I would feel like I was lying by misrepresenting the whole truth.
5. I have never embraced then political corectness as the expense of truth culture.
6.I am bragging. I would almost be ashamed to have USA girlfriend. I am a citizen of world now.
7. Readers enjoy the drama and can have delusions. This gives people a visual.
8. It annoys people to tell the truth and is fun.

Money is the best reason. To get readers intetested in reading about the Phillipines I need the words Philipine girl or Thailand girl and I will be targeting expats wanting to retire in Baguio, Philippines.

Bakit hindi?


No name for Thailand Girlfriend.

Just for one brief second imagine the Thai girl is smarter than you.

She knows more about this Journal than you, she has given me instructions. No photos and no names.

If she wanted that she would comment.

Thailand people are smart as you.