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Best City Block for Photographers

Best City Block for Photographers
Here is video of what is probably one of the best city blocks on the planet to photograph. A travel photographer can, could, needs and should take the audience in and out of their comfort zones. I can show you the chain Hotels, and then jump over to street children, I can show you Filipino people dressed in Western Clothes, but just leaving a brothel, it is twist your soul just for kicks.

If I wanted, I could elicit pity, pain, love, sympathy and without losing a beat, I could enrage readers with just honest comments.

The art of photography in my opinion is about contrast, the ability of the viewer to relate and not relate within seconds. To feel comfortable then walk into a dark closet, this is the game we play, maybe I should say I.

I started walking at the Hyatt here in Manila and walked around a city block here in Manila, one of the most interesting to photograph blocks on the planet.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
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Saint giving money to a child begging, this Soap Opera makes Cannery Row of John Steinbeck seem tame.

I started this video walk at the corner of Mabini and Pedro Gil here in the Malate area of Manila.

Large Hotel at this corner.

The Philippines is Asian more than they are Western, just because they speak English sometimes, do not get yourself confused. This man and boy are squatting in a typical Asian manner, this is an Asian Country and very primitive. I can hop from super modern to complete primitive behavior in a heartbeat, this is a fun culture to observe if you do not walk in an emotional mud puddles.

TMI - Too Much Information, I am sure we do not want to understand, learn, or know what she is doing.

An agency set up to sell off their people to other countries, more or less this is the same as coal workers in the past, and you owe your soul to the company story or the agency.


If you do not see a video here it is because you are reading by email, click here to see video.

This is like being a voyeur looking into the shower of your trailer trash neighbors after they had a huge party the night before. You truly want to look the other way, but why would you, there is soap opera on steroids going on for free, reality TV can never compete with reality, one is delusional and the other destroys your illusions.

If only tourist and travelers admitted to themselves they enjoy see the dirty laundry of their neighbors, they would stop whinging and enjoy the trip.

Best City Block for Photographers