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Beer Hugger of Bamboo

I discovered a Bamboo Beer Hugger in Rockys Restaurant here in Sosua, Dominican Republic. This is truly a great idea, which needs passed around the planet.

Michel a man from Sweden who has lived for a few days and 25 years in Sosua comes to the office daily and uses this Beer Hugger. His office appears to located at Rockys.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, January 22, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

Bamboo is everywhere in the world, I need to more research, but his appears to be great Beer Hugger. I asked Michel,
“Does it keep the beer cold?”
He pulls the empty bottle from the Bamboo Beer Hugger, I touch it, it is cold.

This would be a great souvenir, I am positive one of the prevailing memories in the minds of Tourist is drinking beer. They can relive the fond memory of the time in their life when they drank beer in Dominican Republic.

Beer Hugger of Bamboo

John Tadpole

Andy, As a beer drinker and a frequent tropics visitor I love the idea. Only issue is for travelers to carry home. Wood (cellulose) is a standard insulation material so the expected heat transfer rate should be very slow. Also the limiting effect of the enclosed space with no air flow would also slow the heat transfer. A little carving on the outside with bar emblem or country flag would make it more attractive to me.
Thanks for the good news,

John Tadpole

Chris, he is a newbie on a missiop, too busy to know where he has been. We all know Andy does not drink and he has an eye that sees things many people do not. Chris needs to see not just look.


Haiti does not need saved, it needs jobs. The artist of Haiti make all type of wooden curios, but very few things that have functional value. I truly wish the NGO would stop helping them to make more or more crafts.

People buy beer huggers for a reason, this is not a dysfunctional product.

Here is a good page of mine, where I collect business ideas that need to travel to other parts of the planet.