Become a Travel Expert in One Niche

I am not a tourist, I have no idea why people want me respect, or write for tourist. I love to listen to normal people talking about normal life. I do not want to listen to Tourist gibberish, they all think they are experts.

Trisha Miller wrote this:

"So how do you stand out from the crowd? The answer is simple - choose a travel niche. Find a specific topic that you are passionate about (and no, "travel" is not specific enough), and focus on writing about that topic.

A perfect travel niche for you should be:

1. Something you love, and
2. Something you know a lot about, and
3. Something you have firsthand experience with

I recommend you read the whole article:
Why Every Travel Writer Needs to Have a Travel Niche

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, February 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of
| Travel Gear | | Top Travel Site

Everyone is an Expert
Everyone is an expert on Travel.
Everyone is an expert on Sex.
Everyone is an expert on Real Estate.

I sold Real Estate for 14 years; often a person selling their house would want to tell me how to sell their home. I would ask,
"How many houses did you sell last year?"
They said,
I would say,
"I sold 85, you listen to me, I do not listen to you."
They would threat,
"You will not get to re-list the property."
I said,
"Who cares, I sell properties, I do not re-list property."

I have written 4968 Travel Post, maybe I know a little about this. I have traveled continuously for 12 years, maybe I know little about this. I stopped drinking 23 years ago, on February 12, maybe I know a little about this. I have visited 88 countries, maybe I know a little about this…

It took me 4968 post to learn I need to choose a niche. To write about, travel includes every aspect of living, the bite is too big. The only way to write to this general audience is to write fairy tale article, with poetic justice, that are politically correct, trying to keep them all happy.

Do you want your writing to be read in the Doctors reception area?
Do you want your writing taken serious by educated and experienced people?

For the most part, Travel Writing is about being a hack, the majority of Travel Blogger are Hacks, (They are not even paid… hehehe) it is just the fact of life, to leave that realm, a person needs a travel niche.
Hack Writer Defined

Should a writer care about the audience?

I have been thinking for years about writing a book of the identifiers that define a nation as developed or underdeveloped. I do not dream about travel writing... I am a writer that travels, not a travel writer. (I stole that from Paul Theroux.)

Become a Travel Expert in One Niche