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Beach Life or Looking for Beach Life

Beach Life

I have not found the lost beach, that place of dreams on the other side of the planet, I hope it exist in the Caribbean. The word Caribe in Spanish sounds nice, the world Caribbean has a tune to it, like some recurring dream. I still am thinking blue, feeling a little blue, hard to find some sand, blue, blue bikinis, and all them other pastel like colors.

What is happening, I am still wondering where to wander to, I did not think ahead, I did not plan, I would not have ever believed I would have to work so hard in the Caribbean to find a beach full of Bikinis. I know many on the planet; I was hoping to have some variation, hopefully better than the one called - Copacabana - in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I am thinking of this:

Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In Rio they do not care, everyone comes to the beach, all shapes, colors, brand names and looks, it is wonderful mix, and life is good.

Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hard for me to know what is going on in the Caribbean, it is as if I am in the USA maybe, with fewer Americans and more Germans, I am not sure what part of the planet I am located in, or where the place is leading. I am used to having a distinctly different culture than the USA; I travel to find other cultures.