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Be Self Contained Travel Tip

Be Self-Contained Travel Tip
Travelers or Tourists should strive to be “Self-contained Travelers,” this is the goal if you wish to live in comfort anywhere on the planet.

I speak American English, while East Africans speaks some modified version of British English. When I enter a Hotel in East Africa, I ask,
“What is the cheapest room in the hotel?”
East Africans say,
At first, I gave them a dazed look, I was not sure I understood the term, I then would reiterate,
“Show me the cheapest room you have.”

I then take an inspection tour of the Hotel walking around and having the manager open interesting rooms. They normally steer me towards the expensive rooms because they wish to rent them, and normally white people rent the most expensive.

Slowly the word “self-contained” was defined; this term in East Africa means a room with shower and toilet inside the room. I believe Hot water is not included in the term.

Kabale, Uganda
East Africa
Friday, May 22, 2009


The term self-contained has created cognitive dissonance in my brain. What does the world self-contained mean?

1. having everything required: possessing all the features and facilities required to function independently
2. keeping feelings private: able or tending to keep feelings and opinions private or to control feelings and reactions in front of others.
3. having own facilities and entrance: describes accommodations that have their own kitchen, bathroom, and entrance

Ok, self-contained here is not the same as the definition, these rooms for sure do not contain kitchens, however, they are using the term correctly in their way and culture.

I strive to be a self-contained traveler; I want to have within my concrete cubicle all the gear needed to make my room self-contained to the my desires, not yours.

1. Hot Water Heater to make hot water for bathing.
2. Movies to watch on Computer
3. Light so I can read
4. Hot Plate for cooking
5. Mosquito Net to serve as screens on windows
6. Clothesline to wash clothes
7. Backpack Organizer to serve as closet
8. Towel when they do not provide one.
9. Solar Panel to provide electricity when not provided.
10. Bucket to hold water when not provided.
11. Mirror

This is a quick list of the top of my head, and I am going to develop a section on web site to add to this list.

I have never found a Hotel on planet earth that had everything the way I wanted it, I have however adapted a room to the way I want it. The more capable you become at being a self-contained traveler the cheaper you can travel and you will live in comfort while everyone around you in tolerating the room.

Do you move the bed and furniture in a Hotel room?

Be Self-Contained Travel Tip