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Be Part of the Solution or JUMP or JUMP

Do you want to have a special life? I am grateful every day of my life, I am one of the luckiest persons on the planet.

I want to share my passion for my lifestyle, and I want you to tell the idiots to jump!

My life is good! ---- JUMP! (Click on that photo and see photo of people who jumped)

Why, because I refused to sit around with bunch of idiots kissing the ass of the some boss just for money, my life was worth more.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


What is the problem?

Who is you boss today?

The boss wants you to keep quiet, they do not want to be called an idiot. They want you to live the same life as them, boring, I mean incredibly boring, show up to work and suck up all day.

Yes, we all made some bad choices, but you can change a few of your stars.

ME - I was one of the worst loser, but I jumped:
I became an alcoholic.
Which caused me to then file bankruptcy.

But I changed my stars, I became a somebody, not a nobody, I jumped!

I became a somebody to me, I love myself, and for sure I know the lifestyle I live is 100 percent special.

You have a choice?
You can disagree, that is easy, just click away, and be an adult and leave, do not try to attack me on the way out, allow me to have freedom of speech.

Or you can think outside the box, open your brain, and ask yourself…
"Why is Andy so arrogantly, assertively, pushing this lifestyle?"

Simple, because I am one of the luckiest person on the planet, and there is zero reason anyone who has 500-5000 Dollars in regular income cannot JUMP and come visit.

I do not want you to kill yourself, I want you to jump, you only have one life, and you squandered your existence and gift God gave you, you have the right to JUMP.

Be Part of the Solution or JUMP or JUMP


Jumping is not easy for many persons, that is why they require a 'sponsor' or 'mentor' or 'life coach' or 'relocation or retirement coach' to hold their hands on the jump down, on an Isalnd in the west Indies, Dominica I believe, is a lagoon where one need climb up to some 30 meters or 100 feet or so to jump down in, many chicken out and walk back down, a few jump, the lagoon is calm and deep so all survive and just in case there aree native guides there. I had to Jump in 1985, as rent were rising with 'gentrefication' in NYC, I would have lost my SRO anyway, had a bathroom was comfortablea nd cost $135 month then, the same tiny space in Manhattan today would cost at least $1,000 or more a month..That same year got dx ed with ptsd and some psychiatrist wanted to put me in a 'residential program', so I called my Aunt in Mexico City, le and told her I would be moving there in a few months or less, supporting myself., I left NYC in less tahn 2 months fwith a little help from two good friends, things seemed to get done easier 25 years ago, after I arrived to Mexico City found a room for the equivalant of $60 a month or so, within 2 weeks had a huge social network of ex pats and bi lingual local Mexicans, I do not make a good traveler since I like to stay in places where I am accepted for at least 9 months or a year before moving on, I have never worn a backpack in my life, just do not care for them. I had to jump, no ifs ands or buts or be caught up in the 'system' on a fixed income. Look at four walls, go to 'meetings' to talk to people, pick up soda cans during the day for exrra money, not much of a life to leave behind, I was more fortunate than others being I had been in Mexico and Central America for over 2 years in the 1970s and had relatives and contacts there, so the trick is find out where, how and from how high up you require to jump, some young people who have no 'issues' like I had leaving the USA can just put on a backpack and travel, some will find a place or places where they will find accptance and meaningful work, paid or volunteer, others will just keep traveling and the rest will go back home after an 'adventure', afraid to jump from 100 feet high, nothing worthwhile is 'easy' and I did not 'run away' I came down south, way down south on a trial basis to reinvent myself, it worked, make friends, good friends you can trust in a pinch, not just hang around with 'friendly people' in a bar or drug den until your money runs low or your luck runs out, these folks tend to disappear fast, local, ex pat or traveler may they be. Good luck to all who make the dive, buena suerte, gluck haben y bonne chance.


Yes, gettting tied to one location is horrrible:


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