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Battery Backup in Sosua Dominican Republic

You can tell the size of the electrical problems, by the size of their Toys.

Do you have a bigger Electrical Generator than me?
Do you have a bigger Battery Backup with Inverter than me?
Maybe you can tell how rich the owners are…

This is a battery backup electrical system in a home in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

How this Works
The public electrical grid system charges it when there is electricity, then when the electricity stops this backup activates and provides electricity for about seven days.

I am told this system cost about 20,000 U.S. Dollars

Why this battery backup, and not a generator? This battery backup is quieter and simpler to maintain, a person does not need to buy gas or diesel. I would say, this is the best possible system for a home, but incredibly expensive and almost an extreme luxury.

Data Center
I pay about 500 U.S. Dollars for two designated servers to host my two large travel sites. I hope the data center where my two designated hosting servers are located has a battery backup system that makes this one look tiny. We will move up to load balancing in the next year or two; I will need to make a physical inspection to insure there are no lapses in truthfulness.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, February 22, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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This is an electricity generator I photographed in Arbil, Iraq, as this juncture in my travel life, I have seen them so many times I tend to ignore, feeling readers know they exist.
Electricity Iraq

With the size of these batteries, the owner could go completed off the public electrical grid if he or she also installed good solar panels on the roof.

Unfortunately, this type of systems gets me excited, I truly love gadgets. This is a temptation, something fun to plan and implement. On the other hand, when you need this, maybe you had better consider your home purchase; it may be a questionable decision.

There is man I met who is making a Permaculture farm here in Dominican Republic, sort of a good idea, but also a bad idea. Generally, the public electrical systems are easier for the public to understand and utilizes, this system above is not for the average Joe Blow to use, it is a money hole. These permaculture systems need the outside world, often they buy battery backup system like the one above, and they need factories to manufacture items they use.

Sosua, has an overabundance of over-priced homes, there is something about buying a home on and island that leads people to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a point. There are houses that sell for 500,000 that you can rent for 500 dollars per month; this should give you the math to understand the world we live in…

Economically, all of this is about "StatusCism" the idea that I have a bigger on than you, I one-upped you, the number one social problem on planet earth. Not that Marxism is solution, but for sure, penis envy is rampant.

Battery Backup in Sosua Dominican Republic