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Barefoot Hoe Farming in Kenya Africa

2009-04-23 21:23:54

Barefoot Hoe Farming in Kenya Africa
I walked about five kilometers outside the village of Siaya searching for a Hotel called the Nam Sagali; I finally learned it was not outside Siaya, however really in the next village. I never understand why people pay for trekking….

On the way, I saw many people using hoes alongside the road, none of them had on shoes, I was curious, as 99 percent of people in Kenya have on some form of shoe.

Siaya, Kenya
East Africa
Friday, April 24, 2009

Siaya is the closest city to Kogelo, the Homestead of Barack Obama.

Later in the day, I walked on the road that leads towards Kisumu when I spied this rather attractive girl tilling the soil with a hoe. She was dressed nice, I was debating earlier in the day with myself that maybe the poorer people do the hoe farming. I did not try to ask earlier in the day because the other hoe farmers did not look educated enough to speak English.

I stopped and asked this girl,
“Why don’t you have on shoes?”
Before she could answer I added,
“People here in Kenya bug me to death is I do not wear the sandals in my Hotel and here you are walking around barefoot.”
She said,
“It is easier.”

She really could not be bothered with me, and maybe was shy, who knows, I did not get much of an answer. Then an older lady started telling me I should pay her to take a photo, she said,
“you must.”
I told her,
“You are nuts and greedy,”
The younger girl was polite.

Later, I was walking in another location and I spied a person planting corn. The person would walk along, drop the seeds and push them in with her toes.

It appears to be the custom of Kenya to work in the fields without shoes.


Ok, before you jump to conclusions about Kenya, Africa I want to show you a photo I took in Kilgoris, Kenya. There are five tractors all in one location; this is an amazing amount of tractors for Africa. I think in the whole country of Togo I saw maybe five tractors, there are tons of tractors in Kenya, I do not see this as a subsistence farming country, however yes they do have some small plots being farmed, however the vast majority is done with tractors.

Barefoot Hoe Farming in Kenya Africa