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Barbados Guesthouse Cleverdale Guesthouse

Barbados Guesthouse

I am in the third or twentieth on my list guesthouse, I had not choice in the end, most places were either full or I could not find the owner to ask if there was a room. The one man in the hotel said the ad for the Cleverdale Guesthouse for 25 dollars was not true, the rooms cost 35 dollars. There is a sign on the home saying 25, this too the steam out of my sails as I really cannot find cozy here.

I can find apartments worth the money for two people, however hard to find anything for the single person on the beach; I think 70 dollars is the going price for ok. I like the beach in ways, it the best I have encountered for people. On hindsight the Crown Point, in Tobago beach was very good, I just would have rated it on first impression very low.

This is a more civilized country than the ones south of here, you have less of the overly aggressive Rasta types, however you still have the person asking for the dollars and will not quit.

The guesthouse I am has more sign saying not to do this, not to do that, and the man makes me nervous, he is constantly warning me to lock the front. The TV in my room is hooked to his TV and I have to watch what he watches. There is a lock on the bathroom, and a load of clothing cost 7.5 Dollars USA. This is a person high for nine years of travel on cost.

Cozy, there is a combination of warmth, friendship, and home feeling that is needed to make my life the best. This is high season in Barbados, it is high season for all of the Caribbean, however this is the first place that is busy, all the other places there are an over abundance of rooms. However here near the Gap, or some south beach there are some rooms, however they are leftovers. I suppose I should make reservations; however a reservation to me is like making a commitment to pay too much, to stay longer than I wish and to be married to a woman I have never seen. How can I marry a guesthouse I have never met?

I am not in a good, one; there is not love and warmth in this place. In the end, I have made the decision to make for the outer world, start heading for Central, South or anywhere but the Caribbean.

Anguilla is now on my list, for some strange reason, however it is my next stop, I am glad to go, at least I can explore some ideas there and not depend on the undependable bikini world of the Caribbean. I am used to a younger world, hard to feel at home anyway I do it around people 60 and above.