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Bananas in Machala

2005-05-14 16:48:00

2.45 pm Saturday May 14, 2005

I left Machala in search of Bananas, strange it cost me 60 cents U.S. to go by bus to Santa Rosa, however the taxi cost me two dollars to go see the Bananas. I need to be in a smaller city where the Bananas were closer; a friendly Taxi driver took me out to take photos of Bananas up close. I wish they could empathizes with a person that has never seen Bananas up close, I am wrong, I have, however they do not know this, I still think the world should see the novelty of where they live and stop looking outside.

The put a fundo or plastic bag on the bananas, most are very young and I would think it would be at least another month before they are ready.

The bag is for bugs or insect they say, however I am not talking with experts and they agree with my guesses.

The spore like thing hangs down out of some of the bags, I am not sure, there is not bottom to the bags, and they are open.

Bananas irrigation or large canals are run through this field of Bananas to provide water. I paid two dollars for this trip in a taxi, I believe if I was with another person I could pay the taxi driver for an hour and take a better tour, they need convinced and have very little motivation.