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Bananas in Guayaquil Ecuador

6:10 AM Thursday May 12, 2005

I was reading about a beach town target for me in the Encarta Encyclopedia, one option to avoid going into Guayaquil without a guide was to stop in Milagro outside the city, however I am wanting to see Bananas and had Machala on my target of close to ocean cities, and just across the way from Loja.

This is interesting because I need to go see if DOLE is shipping to the ocean with train cars like they was near Livingston Guatemala or maybe that was Chiquita, who can remember, however fun to watch the trains come up to the ocean.

“Machala, city, southwestern Ecuador, capital of El Oro Province, located in lowlands near the Gulf of Guayaquil (an arm of the Pacific Ocean). It is a commercial center for a rich farm area and has a large trade in bananas, coffee, and cocoa. Puerto Bolívar, the city's outport and one of Ecuador's leading banana-exporting points, is to the southwest. Population (2000 estimate) 216,901.”

This is my kind of city, I will try to go there today and skip Guayaquil until I can snag a traveler with a guidebook to help me hop to a Hotel and not wander around aimlessly in Guayaquil, one of the more dangerous cities on the planet.

Population is too high, however coffee, bananas will or could make this a full on funky port type city, I would really like some funky border type town to let me leave the drudgery of tourist and too much modern.