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Baguio Tropical Storm

Baguio Tropical Storm
It has not stopped raining since I entered Baguio City in the Philippines; this is what people think of when they say “Rainy season.” This is cliché, truly the words “rainy season” are writers and tourist exaggerations to make people believe they are suffering some form of hardship. Rain is natural; I have traveled in tropical storm areas for the last 11 years. What is normal? It rains one time in the afternoon for an hour then stops, then often starts to rain at 10:00 pm and rains until sunrise.

I suspect it will stop today, the sun will come out, and I will be able to walk around the rolling hills called the Baguio City. I want to know, do people walk or drive cars in Baguio, I do not like cars.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Saturday, July 18, 2009
Hotels in Baguio City, Philippines

I carry an umbrella, I always have an umbrella with me, I do not own a car, I walk, and this to me seems like an obvious and reasonable decision. In tropical storm areas, I make big plans for the mornings that should be finished by noon. Walking around in rainstorms is not natural, however many tourist do this because they slept until noon.

I am here in Baguio to interview the city, give it a lick and see if I want to take a bite. I will cautiously say that I am here to see if a good place to retire, people pervert this word.

Hmm, my mind drifted to a website called In the past, this site was preoccupied with escaping the culture of the USA and living a different life. Now the site is preoccupied with helping Expats sell their bad Real Estate Investment to the newbie that is just arriving overseas, so they can return home.

I am cautious when I say retire, readers think I am looking for a house to buy. Why do Americans think they need to buy Real Estate? They do not escape the USA culture; instead, they recreate it in another country.

Retiring in Baguio means, I would stay here about 3-4 months per year and try to find some stable friends who do not change. Are there stable people here in Baguio, or is it just another version of Angeles City.

The Philippines can be a very hot and muggy place, I do not want to spend 3-4 months hiding in an air-conditioned apartment and call is paradise. I

It is possible there are times in Baguio when it rains too much, however the taxis are heavenly cheap and easy compared to Manila. I believe one U.S. Dollar will get you anywhere in the city in a painless simplicity. Taxis are great when they function correctly, no parking, no maintenance, more convenient than owning a car.

I am asking myself this question,
“Do I want to live here for 3-5 months?”

Do I feel stronger here, or weaker, does this city give me energy? It is a rainy day, a good day to relax, watch a few movies and savor the taste of a new city.

Baguio Tropical Storm


2000 meters? This is great, I sense that Baguio is a little too developed for my cultural tastes. There is an interesting Korean culture here and the Vets are good.

I think I can rent an apartment for less than 150 US per month.

Rain and more rain today.


My Encarta map shows there are many higher locations in the Philippines, I am thinking about touring the highlands and looking for comfortable locations. I need a great map of altitudes for the Philippines.


Wow Eric, perfect map, the detail is great, a truly great map of the Island of Luzon.