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Baguio to Vigan Philippines Bus

Baguio to Vigan Philippines Bus
We took a 275 Peso bus from Baguio to Vigan, Philippines it was a fun ride however not for the impatient traveler. It took 6.5 hours to travel 105 miles, what is that, hmm, it is 16 miles per hour. I had better check, yes it is 16.15 miles per hour.

I can travel faster in East or West Africa.

Vigan, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, August 5, 2009


You can budget 2 hours travel time Baguio to Bauang another four to five hours from Bauang to Vigan. I know a few Backpacker friends who came to the Philippines, turned around, and flew out within a week. Not because of the travel times, because of the cost of Hotels.

Cebu Pacific is my designated savior of the Philippines, the country is extremely lucky this Airline started when it did.
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I like all countries, they are all fun in a voyeuristic way and the Philippines has more to see than any other country I know and truly is a Backpackers nightmare. A Backpacker can travel in Europe for about the same price, there is very few ways to travel dirt cheap in the Philippines. To do so, you must do incredible amounts of research and call ahead to make sure the price of Hotels is correct and move slower than a snail, the faster you move the more it cost.

A Backpacker must be willing to pay 25 to 50 U.S. dollars per day per person.

I just explained how far we went in Kilometers; she gave me a big lecture, on a public bus in Thailand the same trip would have taken three hours for what we did in six point five.

I know this, I know this, I know this, and I am trying not to think about it. I do not care that is primitive, I just want everyone to stop telling me it is modern, I am here because I know it is primitive.

Traveling to many countries is an absolute hindrance to enjoying the Philippines. I can only say that traveling to West Africa, Togo, Benin and Ghana is about the same, or an analogous trip.

When in Europe a person can travel by the cheap book online airlines from city to city and avoid the expensive trains. I truly recommend a Backpacker forget the idea of overland travel, you must focus on Cebu Pacific Airlines and try to get 100 dollar a pop trips and learn how to make a fake onward ticket.

We visited 20-25 Hotels here in Vigan looking for Internet WIFI in the room. Guess what, the cheapest Hotel; a room we could find for 495 Pesos has Internet in the room. The better the room, the worst the internet access, tourist industry is backwards on services, the more you pay the less you get for your money.

Baguio to Vigan Philippines Bus


There are Hoboes in the Philippines, many are going from place to place looking for jobs, they only carry a small bindle. Often the women will carry all their clothes in large purse.

I was lucky on the last bus, it has a lower compartment, the baggage guy put a whole bag full of wet vegetables right on top of my bag.

The Philippines is the same as Africa in many way.


Bill, you understand the culture and know how to circumvent the liars, this country is full of land mines. I am in a 500 Peso room called the Vigan Hotel here in Vigan.

Backpacker do not want to work so hard, we are on vacation, there is only one room in an area at the price you are ing, not half like Thailand.

Shared toilet, and WIFI, the drunk Philippines couple just came back. This same room in South America is 3 dollars, not 10.

There are cots everywhere, ready for the owner to allow 5-10 people per room.

The next cheapest room was 800 at Grandpas Inn, noisy room, the other 25 start at 1100. There is ONE choice in this town.

Dorm, why in the world would a person live in dorm in Asia, I never once lived in a Dorm in South America, Central America, Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam.

Room are a global comparison. your numbers are for a Philippines person, I am a USA White man, I still out like a sore thumb.

I stayed in your Hotel the very first time, I got a reservation off of The Hotel seems to cater to Americans, however moved the next day to the Malate Pension. The Friendly guesthouse is the present rage of Malate, the truth is Manila is a wet spot in the corner of street next to a bar.

Backpacker have a natural desire to get out of the wet spot, to not walk on it, and now they are not backpackers, they are flashpackers.

I worked hard to find a Transient room in Baguio, yes, I know this is the solution, I never found one that would allow us or stop lying. The culture is truly a pain on the planet.

I want to go to Bauang to visit my friends, the cheapest is ed at 1150 per night, I want to go where I go, not where the price is cheap. I checked out Tagaytay at 2000 meters overlooking a volcano, this sounds great.

Lonely Planet shows the Budget room at 28 and 40 US Dollars, this is the cheap rooms. I would have to go totally off the Lonely Planet to visit. I think I am off right now, the cheap room here in Vigan is Grandpas at 800 or 16 US per night, truly crap value for the money in comparison to the rest of the planet.

This is not an expat site where I convince expats to buy the junk of other expats, property they should have never purchased in the first place. Expats site like now spend their whole time trying to unload unwanted properties on the next silly expat with too much money and a Philippines girl in tow.
Andy in Vigan 2009