Baguio Philippines Restaurant Video

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Baguio Philippines Restaurant Video
The music played in the 50’s Diner in front of the Red Lion Inn and Pub here in Baguio makes me feel old. If I admit I know these songs, and even worst sing along, the world knows I am 53 years old. I graduated from Prairie Heights High School in 1974; the music will always be in the background of my mind waiting to remind me I was once a young man.

Dream, Dream, all I have to is Dream…
(Song on the Jukebox in the video below.)

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The front of the 50’s Diner an enjoyable restaurant here in Baguio, Philippines directly in front of the Red Lion Inn and Pub

There is probably a story behind the Dune Buggy; it appears to always be parked in front.

I walk in, grab a newspaper and belly up to the counter, say hello to many small Philippine girls who smile and look around to see if anyone see the smile on my face, the music makes me fee 18 again.

I can be found sitting at the counter reading a newspaper each day in Baguio, there are many newspapers in the Philippines in English.

I ordered two Eggs; I have no idea why they included that small hotdog looking thing. I am brave, I will go to Iraq, roam alone around Africa or ride and Elephant in the Royal Chitwan National Park of Nepal.

I will not eat a Hotdog for breakfast in the Philippines, even though it is one of the typical breakfast foods of the Philippines. The world enjoys serving up these little Hotdog thingies with unknown type of
meat inside.


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Dream, Dream, all I have to is Dream…

I wish to thank the Philippines, I still have the red dust of East Africa on my shoes, and the music of the Philippines is a home away from home, I am still avoiding that small Hotdog thingy.

Baguio Philippines Restaurant Video


You disappoint Andy, the hotdog thingy is probably Longanisa, a sweet cured pork sausage. Very tasty and excellent with eggs, or rice.

There seems to be a disconnect between you and your surroundings. You travel to the Philippines to sit in an expat bar and eat at a 50s type diner?

I recommend searching out the neighborhood Carinderia and tasting some local delicacies, like adobo, pancit, lumpia, kare-kare and lechon.


Hoz, music is an incredibly important part of Travel, just look at the number of Bob Marley shirts... Oops, I have been to many countries, and I see them everywhere on the planet, not everyone has this knowledge, but trust me, everyone is interested in music.

MUSIC is a problem, a huge problem.
I would guesstimate 10 percent of hotels on planet EarthI leave because of their choice of music. Small hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, all assume we all want to listen. The best reason to stay in Five Star Hotels is to avoid any human problem, I can avoid all local culture and this is what the majority of tourist do.

Here is a post from Rwanda on music
Imagine Africa Ruled by Children
5:31 in the morning, the business next door has turned on the music at full volume, I say to myself,

People have this delusion they are going to exotic countries, in reality people who speak English go to English speaking Countrie and French to French and Germans to German etc. There is a reason England, Australia and the Philippines have tons of American, people do not have to learn a language.

ERGO going to a country that has the type of music you like is just a natural extension of the same tourist culture.

I try to avoid talking too much about the Philippines food, it is some of the worst on the planet, not a good reason to come to the Philippines. Here is your pig photo though, I went to two pig roasts in Mindanao.

The tourist generally that come to the Philppines are not looking for a different culture, they want to go to a country that is the same as their own. Povety is rampant here, however so are nice restaurant, Starbucks, McDonalds and Pizza.

Hmm, I so far would say the Baguio is one of best places in the Philippines ot live, and one of the least culturally interesting places on the planet. Like Boulder Colorado with Jeepneys, I love the place, but only because it is closer to my country the USA than other place. I have went to the mall here at least 10 times, and not one person has said - You want girl?-

The Philippines is competing with Thailand for the Boom Boom capital of the planet, more women for sale than anywhere else. I am doing my best to avoid these areas and stay away from fat old men with girls in tow.

Sadly, everyone I have ever been in the Philippines, whether Palawan, Banaue Rice Terrace, or Cebu, they always are encouraging me to get a Philippines girl, they know this is one of the big export products.

Rain is a hazard here, my sciatic nerve stops me flat, I can only walk 5 kilometers before I must take a taxi back to the room.

Philippines is a place you go when you do not want to leave the USA.

I have been to Africa 6 times.
Thanks Hoz, the world is dynamic, and people are dynamic, they have multiple interest, but the USA does not have a passport because in reality they are not interested.

On the video you say to the waitresses I was fifteen when this music came out
In the background is the Everly Brothers All I have to do is dream from March 1958 making you 2 years old not 15

I usually deduct, rather than add few years when talking to the cute waitresses. Then again the older you are in the Phils the more handsome you become.


Not many 50s diners here in the states have so many bananas and mangos.


Longaniza is more like a small sausage link from the US, but they are cured with sugar and garlic and are very sweet. They are good eating and likely not full of preservatives.

For a guy who has traveled the world continuously for over 11 years Andy sounds like a picky eater.

Better watch some episodes of No Reservations with Tony Bourdain., who said, amazing, porky delights of sisig ... If youve never had this divine mosaic of pig parts, chopped and served sizzling and crisp on one side on a screaming hot platter, then youve yet to have one of the worlds best beer drinking dishes.

And speaking of pig? It can now be said that of all the whole roasted pigs Ive had all over the world, the slow roasted lechon I had on Cebu was the best. This puts the standings in the Hierarchy of Pork as follows:

#1. Philippines

#2. Bali

#3. Puerto Rico

Thats numero uno Andy, IN THE WORLD.


Hoz, is this a comedy team, are you playing straight guy and I am supposed to be the comedian?

You want me NOT to be a picky eater...darn right I am picky, I have to inject truly risky food in my mouth daily from a cook that just came of the CR - Toilet.

Do I believe the legal system of the Philippines protects the people?
GONG, --- NO

Hmm, I am in a country with some of the worst sanitation problems on the planet and you want me to eat sausage. Pigs are garbage disposals, they eat anything... hehe

Numero Uno, number on on the planet in Garbage fed pig meat, only fed the best garbage fed pigs are roasted up for you!

I give photos of food because I can empathize with the 95 percent of tourist who never leave the resort and eat themselves silly. I know fat Americans are going on a Cruise so they can sit the all you can eat buffet and become a pig. I know my readers enjoy something they can relate to, they truly do not care about transient room where they can live cheap. They go on 2 week vacations for debauchery and gluttony, they are in splurge budget. I am on a 11 year vacation, they are working reading this now, i am watching a movie.

I like to eat, however I like to be in good shape more, I think Blossom would like a photos of me, three Korean girls wanted their photo with me last night, they said
Your handsome.

I laughed, in comparison to all the fat old me in the Philippines, I am handsome, and this is sad, I am 53, in Thailand I am ok.

I try to stay off the food in the Philippines, I do not want to dwell on a weak point, it is the most common complaint about the Philippines I hear, the food sucks, nobody can even figure out what they eat, it is too far over the edge.

Fun stuff, thanks for the lead in... Jay Leno would have a hayday.