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Baguio Philippines Bus

Baguio Philippines Bus Trip
I paid 700 Pesos to Victory Lines for a first class bus to Baguio, the trip took 6 hours and was quite pleasant. I have traveled right into a rain cloud, I am now living in a rain cloud. I have not checked the altitude, but is supposed to be about 5000 feet or 1500 meters above sea level. The water is a problem, however this altitude in the tropics is as close to ideal as the world gets, I am in Baguio to check out the weather and environment. By the way, rain is natural, the more rain the richer the people, or in this case, the poorer because of the resource curse.

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The map from Manila to Baguio, I would guess that 90 percent of the men with small girls in tow normally stop in Angeles city, either to drink or to rent the small girl. I believe most small girls want to visit family in other cities and tow the man along, the first step along the path to have small children.

I was sitting at the bus station, a Philippines man who lived in Los Angeles started up a conversation. He asked me where I was going, I say Baguio and we start exchanging locations and lives.

I have been to Palawan, Mindanao, Cebu, Banaue Rice Terraces, Angeles, and Manila, and now Baguio. I have been to cities around these cities.

He said,
“I as born in the Philippines, however you have been more places than me.”

This is 100 percent normal, there is little reason to ask a local about a tourist destination. If one is explaining a place ask
“Have you been there?”

It is amazing how few people have been to a place they are applauding or explaining. A very beautiful bar girl in the Philippines may have been more places than most because someone else picked up the tab, it is often a curse for a girl to be beautiful here in the Philippines, she goes pro faster.

I am happy to say, I had a conversation with two Expats hanging out in my Hotel, the one has a job and the other is retired with a wife. The sanity level of Expats has risen from a 2 to a 6 on a scale of 10. Neither had a girl in tow and this is unusual, and a good sign, I truly do not enjoy men who need a pacifier in their mouth to feel safe.

Men here normally travel with a women that serves as their guide, they often walk in front of the women, therefore I say
“girl in tow.”

Baguio Philippines Bus Trip