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Backpack - I am Tilting at Windmills

2008-06-20 08:40:00

When a person wakes from a dream, and finds they are not in a dream, this is satisfaction. This Windmill Backpack, my Tilting at Windmills, the will to fight my imaginary giants is finding the path, to stay the course.

Lima Peru, South America
Friday, June 20, 2008
Blog of Andy --- --- Backpack Design Survey
I wrote my friend, saying,
“The Windmills are spinning in the Wind.”
He replies,

I have never doubted that miracles happen. Some people are just too dumb to give up.


People with a desire to earn money never seem to find what they are looking for, when you search for perfection, life has meaning.

I have found the fabrics, zippers, the hardware to make the final sample bag; they have delivered it to my home in Indiana. I will fly to Thailand, buy a sewing machine, maybe take over a tailor shop, make this final prototype of the bag myself, so all the measuring, cutting and design work working until I am finished.

I will do some test, run the bag by a few smart people, then make the modification necessary, this could take from one week to three months, depending on the problems I encounter.

I have found three companies in the Philippines that are willing to do a run of 100 bags. I will fly to meet them soon, hope they have the right perspective I need to make an ideal bag. If all goes well, I can order the materials needed to make these bags, have them sent to the Philippines and I can make the bags.

I talked yesterday with a fulfillment company, this is a company that will warehouse a product, and then send it out to buyers as the orders are received. This company is in Traverse City, Michigan, which is close enough to Indiana, Chicago, Airport, Detroit, Airport, whereby I can stop in and check easy enough. Fill Request for Orders

The recommended one of three Shopping Carts to put on my website to process orders, these are already integrated into their system. This would make the systematic process of selling and delivering the bag a possibility for a world traveler who does not live in the USA.

Ultra Cart 3D Cart Yahoo Stores

This stuff can be quite boring, however, I have never met a long-term traveler that did not find some great things for sale in other countries. They then think to themselves,
“How could I continue to travel and sell these to my country?”

I am putting together a very large puzzle that involves many countries, people, places and things. I just choose each piece of he puzzle with care, look at it, then make a good decision on where to place the piece, hoping they all fit together peacefully. I know there is nothing easy about this, I know to make this all work seamlessly requires just what my friend Gary said a person who is,
“Just to dumb to give up.”

Time to put in your two cents and help put together the puzzle, do not get hung up on the word Backpack, this is type of luggage, all are invited to explain their ideas on how to make a bag for travel.
Backpack Design Survey