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Back Pain Relief in Thailand

Back Pain Relief in Thailand
I am in Thailand hoping to solve my back pain problem; my sciatic nerve has been hurting now for at least six months. A doctor told me in Lima, Peru I have a nodule.

Thammasat University
Rangsit Campus,
Thailand, Southeast Asia
Monday, June 29, 2009


This is the location of the lump or nodule, although the pain has decreased over the last six months. If I walk too long, carry too much weight or even just lie in bed wrong it hurts. It is continuous with various degrees of pain.

There are two reasons to go to a doctor overseas.

1. You have no choice.
2. Cheaper

I am using the cheaper option however Thailand is in many ways horrible expensive for medical work. A person has to truly know what the price should be or you can easily pay the same as the USA.

How much does is cost to remove a Nodule in the USA, this is a good question. I am hoping to pay 200-300 Baht today to talk with an orthopedic doctor. If this were critical or scary type of medical work, I would return to the USA, at the end of the day, Thailand people do not speak English and are not intuitive to the Western Mind.

I took a 450 Baht 8-11 hour overnight bus from Chiang Mai and luckily they dropped me off directly in front of Thammasat University just north of Rangsit, Thailand.

This is roughly, where I am located; trust me you do not want to depend on maps in Thailand. When I go to a place, I have a trusted person write the location in the Thailand language. If possible, I show the paper to a normal car Taxi and hope he reads. I almost never use a Tuk Tuk because they cost more than normal Taxis.

I expect the doctors here in Thailand to do the same as the USA, they will experiment around and after many trial and error methods, and they will stumble on the solution. The stumbling action I hope is radically cheaper. It is the cost of talking to the doctor that should be cheaper.

It is incredible how bad the Thailand people are in English, in a way I think I should have done this in Lima, Peru when talked with a Doctor there on the problem.

I do not have health insurance; therefore, I am screwed for USA medical services. I am hoping Obama helps give me free medical in the USA… hehehe, maybe I can nationalize in England or Canada and get them to pay… hehehe

Can you empathize or imagine how much fine print there is in a health insurance policy that would say they not need to pay for places like Africa or Asia?

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Back Pain Relief in Thailand


I am in the very large Thammast University Hospital. My Thai girlfriend who works here has got me registered. I needed passport.

No signs are in English inside.

I will see an Orthopedic doctor. I do not know the cost and in typical Thai style my friend acts as if not important and dismisses the question.

I take ibuprofen and many other types now daily for 6 months. The pain has decreased over time, and does continually lessen.

The nodule at the start point of the pain has not got smaller. It stays the same size.

This BlackBerry Storm from Verizon is a great way to pass time. I used in Chiang Mai bus stop the other day.

Thanks for help and advice.
Andy inside Thammasat Hospital on BB.


Free Health Care

Nothing is free, somebody has to pay and if there is free health service in the USA, I know somebody else is going to pay for me. I pay almost zero taxes in the USA. I never have understood how there is baby insurance, people who do not have babies pay for the people who do.

Insurance is always a redistribution of money.

If the USA offers free health services to it citizens, I am not going to noble and say no, I will stand in line like the rest of the sheep.

I am not going to say I am against free health care for the citizens, there is some good reasons for it. I think there needs to be more restrictions on doctors. I should be able to say, give me a price list of all the services and that would allow me to shop around here in Thailand.